It’s Safe To Use In Home Veterinary Care For Your Pets


It’s Safe To Use In Home Veterinary Care For Your Pets

Article by David Peter

For some conditions, nothing can replace professional attention. However, all pet owners can practice some in home veterinary care. There is a lot of information on this subject and many time-tested, effective treatments. Extra effort must be taken to check the validity of advice found outside of the vet’s office, of course.

For centuries, people have used such things as common sense, herbs, and folklore to heal themselves and their animals. In many cases, remedies that work on humans will work on other creatures. Especially if an herb is nutritive rather than potentially toxic, these valuable plants can be of great benefit. Homeopathy is another traditional branch of medicine that can be used for all living things.

A large part of health is maintenance. You might not think that plentiful clean water and fresh air constitute medical care, but dehydration and confinement can be root causes of many ills. Regular exercise promotes health in both animals and people, enhancing circulation, ideal weight, deep breathing, regularity, and muscle tone. Obesity and arthritic pain are problems that affect pets just as they do their owners. Why not give both the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?Reading everything you can get your hands on – or click on with your mouse – is a good idea, since a basic foundation of knowledge will stand you in good stead in case remedial care is needed. For instance, Natural Vitamin E is great for general health (it is a valuable antioxidant) but is equally beneficial as a topical for wounds or burns. A simple cut or abrasion on an animal can be covered with Vitamin E to promote healing and prevent infection.

This king of ‘stitch in time’ can help to keep the condition from worsening until a trip to the vet becomes necessary. In the same way, adding a capsule of fish oil to your dog’s food can prevent dry skin. A dog with an itchy, dry coat can scratch until a hot spot forms. Many owners know that these problem areas can cause both dog and owner great concern. When you suspect a hot spot might be forming, any ointment with sulfur is efficacious.

Home health tips include using flour or cornstarch to staunch bleeding, like when you clip a toenail too short. A ripped nail can be protected with duct tape. Routine worming can be done with diatomaceous earth (powdered fossilized plankton) for dogs and farm animals like goats, sheep, and chickens. Garlic oil is a good parasite treatment for humans but not for dogs, although they may be able to tolerate some kinds of powdered garlic.

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