Is It Possible to Have Pet Rats and Cats In Same House?


Is It Possible to Have Pet Rats and Cats In Same House?

Article by Usman

There is a question that normally arises when we talk about having a pet rat and the question is that either a pet rat can be placed with a cat in a same house? The simple answer is yes, but you have to be very careful and have to pay special attention on the activities of both pets. To have rat pets, you can go for transgenic rats as they are considered as the best breed of rats. You have to make arrangements that both of them remain away from each other else a rat has to give his life for the sake of cat.

Transgenic mice is also a good option in place of rat as they eat less quantity of food as compared to rats and can survive for more longer periods without food as compared to rats. You rat room should be spare when you want to set him free as if you do so in the presence of cat then your rat would have to lose his life. You are capable of separating both these pets from each other in a proper way so that no risk is being provided to any of these pets.Transgenic rats along with a cat in same house can be dangerous from rat

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