Iguana pets – proper care of the fingernails.


Iguana pets – proper care of the fingernails.

Article by Larry Caboa

Adding to taking care of the feeding of our pet iguana, taking correct care of the parameters of temperature and moisture, as well as the ratios of Calcium and Phosphorus; there are other little things are often forgotten and that share some relevance.The iguana pets (as in held in captivity) are animals that not often go out of the terrarium and spend hours been chilling around their sun bath spot; which means that they do not wear out their claws as normally do when they live in the wild.These sharp claws are used to nail in the woods of the trees… and in the wild, even if they wear out they are still sharp enough to send you to the emergency room if the iguana gets angry with you; sharp fingernails are a very useful defense weapon for the iguana and they can provide serious wounds.

To cut the fingernails it is necessary to try to do it on the dead part of the same fingernail. In this case it is simple since the difference of color between the part where it finishes the soft textile and the part to cut away is well-known. One notice that the whitest part is where it finishes the fingernail and where from we will have to cut a few millimeters further on.To cut the fingernails we can use common clippers or a small scissors. We advise you to use clippers since they are quite hard of breaking.

Notice that the fingernails of our Green Iguana grow so rapidly, forming a knot between the soft part and the hard part of the same fingernail.With the cut away fingernails our Iguana will feel more comfortable, will walk better without forcing so much the fingers and we will be contributing to his well-being.

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