How to Treat Cat Fleas in Your Home


Cat fleas are a real pest. they are annoying and unhealthy. But, there are few things your cat will hate more, than the annoyance of having fleas or ticks walking all over them and biting them constantly. It’s important to be aware of flea season while having an effective treatment product and/or procedure ready to put into action. People who have had previously had problems with fleas will normally take a proactive approach (i.e., preventative measures), while the rest will be forced to deal with the fleas when it becomes obvious they won’t go away on their own.

Be Informed About Cat Fleas

It’s important to know what is and isn’t safe for your cat to have on their body. One of the worst cat flea treatment solutions you can put on your cat is anything that contains the chemical Permethrin. Permethrin is a powerful chemical that’s often found in commercial insecticides and cats are extremely sensitive to it. Seizures, fever and brain damage can result from Permethrin use, even if the product claims to be safe (a proper cat flea treatment will not contain this chemical).

Do Everything at the Same Time

Treat your cat with any popular flea treatment, but don’t stop with just your cat. If you don’t want to keep spending your money all year on cat fleas, then make sure you hit all areas of your home that your cat spends time in. Treat their bedding, all carpets, etc. Steam cleaning is an excellent idea for carpets and bedding, as it will kill the eggs.

Single Solution?

Companies like Frontline, Advantage and Bayer (Just to name a few) all offer products that can be applied to your cat once per month and promise to end all of your flea problems. In most cases, these products work quite well depending on the level of infestation but do require a prescription. Other natural solutions have also hit the market recently that are showing promise and will only get better as time goes on.

Find out more about cat flea treatments and read many interesting articles on pet health care.

Cat FleaAs you can see treating cat fleas in your home is simpler than you might have imagined and with a couple of tips and some sound advice you can get rid of them quite quickly and easily which can only be a good thing.

Believe it or not, you are not alone searching for information on dealing with cat fleas. These nasty little parasites are far more of a nuisance than anybody likes to say but, let’s be honest here none of us wants to broadcast the fact that we are having to deal with them?

So, tip one is very simple do not panic. I know it might all seem a bit overwhelming when you are in the middle of an infestation due to your lovely cat bringing them home and it can be pretty alarming when you look at the sheer numbers involved but once you start your mission to kill them in the right way you will soon be flea free.

When it comes to cat fleas it is important to take a few factors into consideration before taking any action, after all, you would not want to put the cat’s health at risk. The fact is that in some cases there have been some pretty nasty reactions and we are not trying to add to the cat’s or your problems here.

If you know someone who has had a cat for a long time, you could ask them what they use because they will surely have had to deal with this issue at some point over the years. Failing that you should ask your vet. Don’t bring your cat or you may be charged for a visit. Just ask their receptionist what they recommend at their clinic. They may even be selling it. This is a link to a flea prevention product (six months of treatment) sold on Amazon that is just for cats over 9lbs. Not a small cat, but there are other products there, for smaller ones, not to mention sprays gentle enough to be applied directly on cats 12 weeks or older when used as directed. It is always best to get one that kills the eggs, larva and adult fleas.

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