How to Take Care Of Pet Rabbits- 5 Essentials Things they Need From You


How to Take Care Of Pet Rabbits- 5 Essentials Things they Need From You

Rabbits needs a cage: A good cage for let say a dwarf rabbit of about 3 to 4 pounds should be 2 by 3 foots.The rabbit needs enough room to have is litter box in one corner, food in the other and space in the middle to stretch out is body completely.They also love to have a blanket or towel on the bottom.Plastic bottom cages are much better than metal ones and a lot easier to keep clean. Rabbits needs a good diet: For a young rabbit you should give them alfalfa pellets and hay at will everyday.Green vegetables and fresh hay from the yard are also good for their digestion. Fruits such as apples and bananas should be given in moderation for their high sugar content.For an older rabbit more than 6 months, switch gradually to timothy hay and pellets, no more alfalfa.A quarter of a cup of pellets a day is enough for your rabbit, otherwise he will gain too much weight.Add on a handful of greens everyday. Rabbits needs exercise: A rabbit cage should not be a prison.It is their house because they need a space of their own. Rabbits love to run and explore.Rather that leaving them in their cage all day when you are gone, resrticted them to one room that you had previously rabbit proofed so they can run around and enjoy freedom. Rabbits must chew a lot:It is a natural thing for rabbits to chew all the time because their teeth just keep on growing.Provide your rabbit with toys he can chew on such as cardboard boxes,straw mats,empty toilet paper rolls, branches from fruit trees and paper bags.That way he will satisfied his chewing needs and will not destroy your baseboards and furniture legs. Rabbits need love and attention:I think this is the most important part on how to take care of pet rabbits.Most people dont realise that rabbits are very social animals. If you are gone from home all day every day, a rabbit may mot be the right pet for you.Or maybe you should consider getting a pair.Rabbits love to interact with humans as well as other rabbits or even cats.They love to be stroke and they make very lovable pets.

I hope you found this information helpful on how to take care of pet rabbits. These are just very basic tips.There is so much more to learn. You are welcome to visit my blog at where I posted a lot of free tips and great videos about pet rabbits.Good luck and enjoy learning about your pet rabbit!

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