How To Keep Your Worm Farm Safe


How To Keep Your Worm Farm Safe. When you’re doing worm farming, it doesn’t imply you can go away and leave your worms unattended. There are worm predators which might pounce on your worms and eat the lot. Why farm your worms for profit if you simply let predators take them away.

It’s important to make sure that you worm farm is protected from hazards and predators to keep your worms safe. What are the dangers and what should you do?

  • Bad Drainage. Make sure that you worm farm has correct drainage. Just remember to will not be using contaminated water. Additionally keep away from using paper which had contact with pesticides since that is also source of contamination.
  • Predators. Make sure that your worms are safe from predators like birds, moles, hedgehogs, foxes, toads, snakes, beetles, leeches, slugs, and parasites. All of these feed on worms.
  • Competitors. Even when there are creatures in the area, which do not eat the worms, they may have designs on the food you are giving the worms. You then must also be careful. If worms are not fed enough and regularly enough, they will try to leave the worm beds.
  • Competing Predators. Birds can be both competitors and Predators. If you keep chickens  or other birds, you should make sure that they are in a different space. Simply make sure to feed them in a special part, you definitely are not looking for them to eat your profit.
  • If you have your worm farm in a populated area, you will need to have some kind worm protection. There might be thieves which are looking for free fishing bait. So make it possible for your worm farms are duly protected. A High fence or a large dog is usually enough to make them see that the worms are not worth the effort.

Worm FarmingYou can also store your worms in a shed that may be locked to make it difficult for unwanted people to get at them. You probably have concrete flooring, you’ll be able to hose it down to take away the dust and leftover scraps.

Another way of keeping some predators from your worm farm is to put it up on legs and keep it in a pond or other large watery area.

Aside from being cautious about security measures in the worm farm’s surroundings, you also have to be careful of what you feed your worms. Some worm farmers apart from giving ready to eat food, also give meals treated with chemicals. These medications and chemical substances must be handled with care since these substances might be harmful.

Although worms eat meat and most things offered to them, it is best to remove any meat from their feed. With meat, there is a great chance that rodents and pets will be attracted to and it will eventually be dangerous for the worms. Flies and maggots will also be interested in the worm farm if meat is offered to them.

Other than these foods, we also needs to keep away from offering citrus fruit, onions, and garlic. These are too strong and drive the worm away. One other kind of meal that must be avoided is dairy products. Apart from also attracting  predators, dairy foods produce foul odors as they rot.

Taking care of worms are straightforward job, as long as you pay attention to the dos and don’ts. Worm farming can be both financially profitable and enjoyable. There is even research saying that worm farming relieves stress. So, happy worm farming!

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How To Keep Your Worm Farm Safe

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