How to Have a Great Pet Vacation


How to Have a Great Pet Vacation

Article by Kurt Schefken

A leading pet care manufacturer recently conducted a survey and found that an overwhelming majority of Americans, if given the chance, would take their holidays with pets. Recognizing this trend, many vacation destinations such as Costa Blanca are now finding ways to provide pet care away from home. It is important, however, to respect your companion animal’s desires. Make sure your animal is not coming along just because it has to. Generally, dogs tend to make more amiable travel companions than cats. Especially if you are going by car, consider if your pet can handle the journey comfortably, without distracting you from the road.

Here are seven tips to plan for a harmonious holiday with pets.

First, as you are getting ready for your trip, make sure that your pet gets a visit to the veterinarian. Be sure to get a certificate stating that your animal is healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Consider having your pet micro-chipped if not already done. If your pet becomes missing so far away from home, a micro-chip could help avoid ruining the entire vacation and make locating your pet much easier.

Second, bring along enough prescription medication to last for the duration of the trip. You should also have your veterinarian’s number in the event you need more during the vacation.

Third, remember that a pet that enjoys the company of other people and novel situations will be more relaxed in tight spaces like a car. Animals that are not used to people will be anxious. Remember, this is a pet vacation as well and should be as stress-free as possible.

Fourth, consider how well your pet behaves. Though many hotels now offer pet care, a dog who barks constantly will always be an annoyance. Of course, it would not be comfortable if your pet made a mess of the room, either by tearing the beds and couches or making a mess on the floor. A pet that cannot control itself is an inconvenience to everybody in the hotel ranging from staff to the other people in your hall.

Fifth, make sure before you go that there will be a place for your pet. It is not a good idea to assume that your hotel is pet friendly or that a hotel you know to be friendly will have space for you and your animal.

Sixth, it is important that pets wear identifying tags on their collar, especially in an unfamiliar place. One tag should have the pet’s name along with your current contact information and second tag should be an up-to-date rabies tag.

Finally, make sure that you have along objects that make your pet comfortable. Familiar toys, blankets or food dishes will help remind your pet that it is safe, making it easier for both of you to enjoy a relaxing time.

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