How To Give Your Bearded Dragon The Best Care Possible


How To Give Your Bearded Dragon The Best Care Possible

Article by Patrick Willmott

Once referred to as the ‘Tata Dragons’ as pets bearded dragons have grown in popularity. Those who are unfamiliar with these reptiles may wonder what all the fuss is about, but the fact is that these creatures have fans around the world and by following a few simple bearded dragons care tips, ownership of these remarkable creatures will be enhanced and enjoyed. Caring is not necessarily difficult however to give the lizard the care it deserves, pet owners need to realize that the correct care will demand time and effort. As such before opting to keep these incredible lizards as pets, prospective owners will need to make a commitment for at least fifteen years.

A mature or the adult dragons grow to be about 24 inches in length and out of all the other lizard species; they are the easiest to care for and are the most social of all species.

Being omnivorous, these desert dwelling reptiles must be offered an assortment of food groups and their diets should consist of fruits, vegetables, crickets and cockroaches. To boost their calcium intake, experienced pet owners who have cared for these lizards add RepCal or Nekton to the diets of their pets. Pedantic pet owners who are determined to give their pets the care they deserve, often bath their lizards and for the most part beardies enjoy a tepid bath. However, bathing bearded dragons tends to be more of a personal choice rather than a rule, and many experienced lizard keepers tend to disagree with the bathing process.

All pet owners want to avoid parasitic infections and since these generally hardy lizards are prone to picking up parasites either through their food or from any accessories, such as bark or tree branches which are introduced into their enclosures, pet owners must thoroughly inspect the items for any sign of infestation. To prevent infestation you should soak the items in a bleach solution every couple of weeks.

With the reptiles being out of their natural environments, part of the bearded dragons care is to replicate their natural habitats as best as possible and this includes ensuring there is sufficient lighting and they are given the correct diet. Beardies will enjoy a varied diet and with calcium being important for these lizards, vegetables that are naturally rich in calcium such as spinach and lettuce. Crickets, which should be coated in a calcium supplement, will also prove to reduce or prevent the threat of calcium deficiencies in these native Australian reptiles. Other leafy vegetables can also be introduced as part of an assorted diet, such as lettuce and kale, however, iceberg lettuce should be avoided. It is important to realize that excessive feeding will also be detrimental to the health of the dragon.

Taking into account that bearded dragons are social animals, they are naturally curious and being out of their cages for a few hours a day will be beneficial for the lizards. This will also give their human caregivers a close up and personal view of these truly fascinating lizards.

Generally, bearded dragon care is relatively simple and if the right foods in the right quantities are given, and if they have access to a suitable replicated habitat, the dragon and its owner can look forward to spending many happy years together. Although, these desert dwelling lizards are the most social of all other lizards, they tend to prefer peace and quiet and they will spend many hours of their day basking in the sun’s rays or burrowing, therefore a quiet part of the home should be chosen for the bearded dragon’s enclosure.

Giving the lizard the right care, and following a few easy to follow rules, these fascinating and highly intelligent lizards will offer many years of companionship. Adults along with children will find that their lives will be greatly enhanced when caring for a bearded dragon.

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