How to Find a Vet for Your Pet


How to Find a Vet for Your Pet. Finding a great Vet is not always the easiest task. It’s important to research the animal clinic’s in your neighborhood to make sure your are getting the best medical service for your pet. To help you make the best decision for you and your pet, use these helpful tips.

The first place to look to see if the Veterinary clinic has a good website. The internet is a great place to start. You get learn a lot about a business by their website. Look for helpful information and any awards or Accreditation. AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Administration. A vet or animal hospital that has been approved by this organization is held to a very high standard.

Check out the vets! Look to see what schools the DVM’s attended. Look to see what awards and accreditation each Vets has been awarded. Go an meet the DVM’s and give their vet clinic a “trial run”.

Next look to the services each animal hospital provides. This list below is from a high level Animal Hospital. You can use this to compare vets in your area.Species We Provide Care For – Our practice is dedicated to improving and maintaining the health of dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and rodents.

Yearly Check-ups – include a comprehensive medical history and physical examination, appropriate vaccinations and laboratory testing.

Vaccinations – necessary to prevent infectious diseases.

Sick Pet Care/ Internal Medicine – we stay current on the latest in medical knowledge to allow us to diagnose and treat your pet.

Soft Tissue Surgery – spays and neuters, declawing cats, abdominal and thoracic surgery; a complete range of services available.

Orthopedic Surgery – we stay up to date on current techniques and are well-equipped to handle fractures, luxating patellas, ruptured cruciate ligaments and many other bone and joint problems.

Cosmetic Surgery – Tail docks, dewclaw removal, ear trims.

Anesthesia – only safe, modern anesthetics are used, and every patient is on monitoring equipment and is watched closely.

Radioiodine Therapy – Radioactive Iodine is used to treat hyperthyroidism in cats. We have one of the few facilities in the state licensed to do this treatment.

Endoscopy – our endoscope allows us to see into the stomach, intestines, lungs and nose of your pet to aid us in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Radiology (x-ray) – better than ultrasound for studying conditions of the lungs and skeletal system; also good for surveying the abdomen.

Laboratory Testing – many procedures are performed in-house, but we also use outside labs for specialized testing.

EKG – electrocardiograms tell us about the electrical activity of the heart. We use it to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias.

Ophthalmology – we can diagnose and treat the common diseases of the eye.

Dermatology – skin problems are one of the most common conditions we see.

Nutritional Counseling – we believe in the importance of good nutrition, and can make recommendations for your pet based upon its medical condition.

Hospitalization – our hospital is prepared to care for your pet for the day or overnight.

Intensive Care Unit – our ICU is located at the center of our hospital where the patients can be closely monitored.

Pharmacy Services – the pharmacy is well stocked to meet your needs.

Bathing – we offer routine bathing as well as medicated shampoos and dips.

Furminator – Improve the appearance of your pet and your home with the Furminator shed-less treatment – a special treatment that dramatically reduces shedding and the mess and cleanup of unwanted pet hair.

Drop off Service – We realize that many people have hectic schedules and can’t always make it in during appointment hours, especially with a sick pet. To help with this, we offer a drop off service, where we will admit your pet to the clinic, have you fill out a short questionnaire, and when the doctor has time they will examine your pet and call you with their findings. You don’t need an appointment for this service, just come on in!

Article by Animal Medcal Clinic. We are a full-service veterinary hospital with 7 doctors who have a wide range of skill and expertise. Our entire staff is knowledgeable, compassionate, and well-trained. We have a modern 10,000 square foot facility, and we have the latest in equipment and technology.

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