How Pet Owners Could Take Proper Pet Care


How Pet Owners Could Take Proper Pet Care

Article by Jeanette Smith

Having a pet is a wonderful experience. But do pets receive proper care from their owners? All owners would nod their heads. They’d say that they treat those animals just like their family members. The problem is, care means different things to different people. Some people think cuddling their pets is all the care they could take. Well, it’s actually not. If those dumb animals could speak, they would have surely defined what pet care really is. But since they couldn’t, we’d have to figure out in which way we could take best care of our pets. Animals are dirty, at least dirtier than us. They are more likely to catch skin diseases, their bodily hairs are playgrounds for louses, and their teeth wear off because of the coating around them. Sorting these problems is essential for pet owners. What many pet owners do, is that they take the pet to a clinic nearby and leave it all to the vet. Such a care free approach doesn’t fit those pet owners, who love their pets too much. Instead, they should engage themselves in taking care of the pet. Of course, complex tasks like pet surgery, dental therapy or CT scan can’t be handled by a pet owner. But relatively simple tasks like cleaning the pet on a daily basis, giving them flea medicine, tracing flea dirt through their hair, clipping the nails etc are a pet owners’ task. All these are quite simple to perform; pet owners just need to get themselves accustomed with performing these. Let’s start with pet teeth cleaning. Different techniques are being employed for cleaning teeth of dogs and cats, the two most common types of pets. Teeth cleaning of a cat should be started in its early days. But many pet owners make a mistake here; they think a kitten’s teeth don’t need to be cleaned. It’s not entirely true. A kitten may not need brushing, but putting teeth-gum in finger and then stroking the kitten’s teeth could be very helpful. If it’s an adult cat, then brush or finger cot needs to be applied. Before selecting the toothpaste, its enzymatic functionalities, flavor, digestibility etc should be thoroughly checked. Though presentation isn’t that important, antiseptic gel, spray and rinse are recommended. Spotting teeth problems in a dog is easy. Bad breadth, unwillingness to chew and excessive salivation are indicators. Since in dogs, teeth related problems could result in severe consequences, a dog owner needs to clean his canine’s teeth daily and if the problem is too complicated, immediately consult with a vet. Complex surgeries cannot be carried out by pet owners. But thanks to mobile vets, pet surgery nowadays is being done in the presence of the pet owner. Abdominal surgery, dental extractions, removing lump from skin, repairing laceration etc are offered by mobile pet clinics. They use state of the art surgical equipments and anesthetics to assure complete safety of the pet. So if you are a pet owner, taking requisite care of the pet at home and consulting with experienced vets, both are important, bear this in mind to ensure proper pet care.

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Being a student of animal welfare, I think a mobile vet clinics are top notch help for treating pets. In my articles and blogs, I evaluate the role played by a mobile veterinarian in pet care

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