How Dogs are Man’s Most Chosen Pets


How Dogs are Man’s Most Chosen Pets. There are a number of reasons why man prefers dogs when it comes to making a selection from among the different pets. Some of the numerous reasons are that they are selfless, loving, obedient, loyal, understanding, emotional, good students, detectives, fighters, caring, daring, and the like. More details about how dogs are man’s most chosen pets are enumerated below:-

Dogs are selfless. Through its faith and selfless dedication, they continually chose to follow man through difficult and seemingly impossible situations ever since it bound itself in affinal bondage with him.

Dogs are loving. A dog is a significant other to whom man is not related yet it derives immense pleasure in man’s company. You beat him like hell.You yell at it. You throw all your anger on it. After a while you calm down and repent over your behavior. You decide to express your regret, you cuddle your dog. You will see that he is not at all angry with you. He will only wag his tail and lick your hands like he does every time you caress him.

How Dogs are Man's Most Chosen PetsDogs are obedient and loyal. Dogs dutifully comply with the commands or instructions of its master. Whatever amount of beatings and shouting one gets from its master, it won’t raise its voice against the master. It will hide itself under some cot or table. It will not come to bite you. If you order him to get out of the house he will silently obey your orders. Dogs’ devotion to man does not waver. They are faithful.

Dogs are protecting. Dogs always shield man and his cattle against harm or discomfort. They are very vigilant. They are stimulated with slightest of movement around them. They do not tolerate any strange creature intruding into its territory.

Dogs are understanding. Dog has an inclination to support and agree with the opinion of its master. You must have noticed when you are disturbed your dog understands that if it comes near, you might react violently so it keeps its distance from you.

Dogs are known to be caring and understand the feeling and exhibit concern and empathy for their master. Dogs are known to shed tears because of sadness. People have witnessed dogs shedding tears because they miss their deceased master.

Dogs are detectives. Dogs obtain information through their power to smell accurately and help reveal many mysteries otherwise nearly impossible for men to solve.

Last but not the least, dogs are showmen. They have an inborn quality of showmanship. They have been used by man for shows. Man prefers dog as his best friend because of all the above mentioned qualities.

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Article by David Brown. Expert Witness and Consultant

How Dogs are Man’s Most Chosen Pets

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