Horse and Pet Care to the Rescue!


Horse and Pet Care to the Rescue! How do you protect beloved pets from discomfort and pain? Our reputation at HeartlandVetSupply is known for meeting your needs as owner of a horse or pet. We provide a total range of discount horse supplies and products along with discount pet products and supplies to ensure the health & longevity of your horses and pets. HeartlandVetSupply & Pharmacy was founded in 1981 and we are located in Hastings, Nebraska.

We know that your pet is important to you and that for many, pets are a part of the family. It makes no difference whether your pets are indoor pets like cats or dogs or outside pets like horses. Pets become our close friends and for many lonely, sick or elderly and children alike, their horse, cat or dog turns into their sole friend. This will become somebody with whom they have a close bond and are able to share affection in their happiness or pain.

Having an ill pet can cuase severe emotional distress. We at HeartlandVetSupply & Pharmacy supply each possible treatment to help your pet through a tough time healthwise. We are America’s horse, dog and cat discount pet supply distributor and award winning discount cataloger. At Heartland we carry and supply the information and products you need in order to keep your horse or pet healthy.

Horse and Pet CareHeartlandVetSupply & Pharmacy supply an entire range of animal health care products for your horses, mules or donkeys. Visit our online store at HeartlandVetSupply and you will find our prices among the lowest on the market. We offer good medicine like Adequan, Legend for Horses and Ventipulmin. The latter is a syrup that is an oral medication used as a bronchodilator treatment for horses. Dormosedan is used for dogs and horses. The effect is a predictable and effectual sedation and analgesia that will do the job every time. This drug provides non-narcotic sedation and analgesia that has been utilized safely in horses for a mixture of minor surgical and diagnostic techniques.

Our dog products comprises of heartworm prevention, flea control, medications for skin infections, smelly ears, ear infections, and hot spots as well as antibiotics for other infections. We have all the pet products and supplies needed to help you take care for your pets.

Addison’s disease is an endocrine system disorder that occurs when the adrenal glands found above the kidneys, fail to produce enough hormones to keep the body functioning normally. Veralog and Percorten are just two from the broad choice we carry that have proved to bring relief. Percorten-V is an injectable suspension used for the treatment of Addison’s disease in dogs. Percorten-V replaces the hormones that are not being produced. Addison’s disease is fatal if not treated.

Over the past 16 years, HeartlandVetSupply have become the leading provider of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Products for Pets and Horses. Visit our online store to discover more.

Article by Alzaga Hallauer. For more information about VENTIPULMIN and PERCORTEN visit

Horse and Pet Care to the Rescue!

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