Home Remedy Pet Care Products – Holistic or Commercial?


Home Remedy Pet Care Products – Holistic or Commercial?

Article by Tricia Deed

Are you considering using holistic or home remedy pet care products? Are these products better or the same as the standard sources that we see in our marketplaces?

After frightening stories of how dogs and cats had died from commercial dog food laced with melamine which gives off a waste product known as cyan uric acid which caused kidney failure in dogs and cats people have started taking another look at pet care products.

Many of us consider our pets as family members and we love them dearly. Because our pets are domesticated they depend on us for their food and health care. We have the responsibility of making informed choices.

Nine benefits are listed for your consideration:

1. First of all holistic or home remedy products do not contain chemicals or synthetics. These products contain natural basics including herbs.

2. Most people are concerned about the side effects of commercial products. Some people feel that there is less fear of adverse effects when using natural products.

3. Many of the natural products produce relief. Natural products have time assurance for many of us as these basics have been with us for centuries and have been time tested and used appropriately.

4. There are many holistic or home remedies and treatments for problems encountered by your pets.

5. Natural products are usually available in the house. This saves an extra trip to the store for a commercial product or to the vet.

6. If your pet needs help in the middle of the night, taking time to shop for a commercial product could cause a serious delay in the treatment of your pet.

7. Natural products are affordable. It is more expensive to visit the vet and to pick up prescriptions.

8. The vet may not be available when your pet is ill. If a natural product is both handy and available it will be a blessing.

9. Natural healing is very effective.

Here are seven natural home remedies for cats and dogs to be considered rather than using chemical products for treatments.

1. Colloidal oatmeal

2. Epsom salts

3. Witch hazel

4. Omega-3 found in fish oils

5. Omega-6 fatty acids such as found in evening primrose oil

6. In-home climate control

7. Change foods. Allergies could be from long time use of the same meat or ingredients. Food sensitivities will occur for some cats and dogs when repeted often., Foods such as wheat, rice bran, eggs, fish, soy, corn, and preservatives.

We, as human beings, change our foods quite often not only for the variety, but to include all four food groups to enhance health with proper nutrients. Our pets would also like a change in their food choices for their nutritional needs.

The general consensus is use natural products as much as you are able. Use commercial products when ingredients provided by nature would be appropriate or effective for a particular application. Use good common sense.

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