Home From Home Pet Sitting Services


Home From Home Pet Sitting Services

Many pet owners simply won’t go on holiday unless they have complete peace of mind for their dogs or other pets. Until relatively recently, unless pet owners had a very willing neighbour relative or friend who would take their dog in, there has not been an alternative to boarding kennels.  

The British are renowned dog lovers with approximately 8 million canine companions in around 6 million households. That’s a ‘best’ friend in almost 1 out of every 4 homes and with owners tending to their pets every need it makes any absences a stressful time.  Home from Home pet care offers one to one care for pets in a home environment where exercise and feeding routines are maintained.  

More and more pet owners are treating their pets as just another member of the family and applying human preferences to the choices they make for them, especially when it comes to feeding and care.  People are also beginning to see their pets as a reflection of themselves and are investing heavily in grooming, accessories, exercise and beauty preferences.  With home boarding the pet’s food is supplied by the owner so any diets can be maintained and there is no worry about upset stomachs caused by potential changes in food.  Pets are never left alone for long periods so owners can go away with peace of mind knowing that the loved one they left behind will be well looked after until they return.


For the pet lover who wants to make a career out of looking after pets then a pet sitting franchise using the home from home pet sitting business model is a fantastic idea.  Through this method of business, it has become apparent that a franchise opportunity is available. A home-based business opportunity in a fast-growing sector, usually backed by market-leading brands and a proven support network. A pet sitting franchise enables the chance to set up, develop and manage a profitable business – by getting out and about meeting fellow pet-lovers and their dogs.

To become a franchise owner, it is essential to have a confidential meeting where you’ll get to see our operation at first hand, ask all the questions you want to ask and answer some of ours. During your own decision-making process, you’ll also be able to talk to our current franchisees.

You’ll learn about the business advantages. Like the fact that the operation is ‘cash flow positive’ with customers paying in advance – so no problems with debtors. And of course, working from home, your overheads are kept to a minimum. You’ll also discover that business isn’t seasonal. With their holidays, business trips and other enforced absences, customers will need you to provide professionally recognised, fully insured dog holidays all year round.

Barking Mad provides pet sitting and dog sitting service – an alternative to kennelling.

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