Holistic Pet Care


Holistic Pet Care

Holistic pet care is gaining popularity by the droves. Holistic medicine involves everything from homeopathic treatments to acupuncture for dogs and other pets. Holistic veterinarians say these treatments can successfully treat and cure many chronic and acute diseases like cancer, liver disease, pancreatitis, allergies, asthma, urinary tract problems and behavioral problems.

So what should you consider when deciding on whether to treat your pup with traditional medicine or take the less traveled road and join those who have decided to explore a natural approach?

With holistic health care the emphasis is on the patient rather than the disease. Signs and symptoms are not the total issue. They simply represent imbalances in the patient’s body. The holistic practitioner has a large number of tools to support and motivate the body to heal. Natural therapies have the ability to allow the body to self-regulate and heal itself.

Holistic veterinarians will tell you they have seen acupuncture, homeopathy and good nutrition help cases that had seemed incurable with conventional therapy.

A holistic approach is focused on preventing disease. Part of that process includes feeding your dog natural dog food free of harmful chemicals and by-products. A natural diet is known to minimize cell damage.

Additionally, the holistic approach minimizes vaccines and the use of medications and toxins. Finally, a well-prescribed supplement regimen can reduce inflammation and oxidation in your pet’s body, decreasing the chances of your pet developing chronic diseases.

We wrote an article on this topic for That Mutt blog which was just published. It gives several reasons to consider holistic pet care. They include:

  1. Holistic pet care can prevent disease
  2. Holistic pet care minimizes drug intake
  3. Holistic pet care heals the “whole” pet rather than the disease
  4. Holistic pet care can save you money
  5. Holistic pet care minimizes vaccinations

If you are interested in checking out the full article, which expands on these five reasons to consider holistic pet care, click HERE.

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