Great Pet Care on a Budget – Part I, In the Beginning


Great Pet Care on a Budget – Part I, In the Beginning

Article by Crystal P.

Jack’s Pet Care Series

Great Pet Care on a Budget – Part I, In the Beginning

It usually starts like this…Someone takes home a new dog or cat and they are very excited and proud of their new pet. It was sooo cute in the pet shop just staring at you with those sad eyes, how could you say “no”?

The truth is that pet care can be very expensive if you are not prepared. A cute little puppy that eats ½ cup of dry dog food per day can grow up to be a 100 pound eating machine in just a few months. The kitten likes to sharpen his claws on your new leather couch, but he doesn’t mean any harm (smile). The pet owner gets frustrated and or broke and suddenly the cute little pet ends up in a shelter somewhere for the whole cycle to start over again…maybe.

It is a very sad situation for animals to be returned to pet shelters for any reason. The pet might find a good home but there is also a fair chance that it will be euthanized. It is a very uncertain situation and hopefully one that can be avoided.

Quality pet care does not have to cost a fortune. With a little planning and research you can have the pet you want and not end up in the poor house while giving your new pet a much needed home.

In this series we are going to discuss how to create such a plan and offer some helpful tips on the following topics: •Choosing the right pet •Estimating the cost of pet ownership and pet care •Where to find your new pet •How to provide great pet care on a budget

We hope you enjoyed this article from Jack’s Pet Care Series.

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