Gecko Lizards as Pets


Gecko Lizards as Pets

Article by Rio Regio

More and more people are becoming attracted and drawn to owning and caring for rare and exotic pets. One of these exotic pets that have gained a lot of interest is the lizard. There are a lot of types and species of lizards out there and not all are advisable to be owned as pets. For those to be suitable as house pets, the Gecko is one of easiest and more popular species cared for by these exotic pet owners.Geckos are lizards that come in different varieties. Most of the gecko species are suitable to pets and are advisable to be the first lizard pet for new enthusiasts. The reason for this is that it is relatively easy to own and care for a Gecko as a pet compared to other lizards.Its size, even when it turns into an adult is very manageable. You will not require overly large housing for this pet lizard because of its small to average size. The feeding habits and nutritional requirements are also manageable since its diet is easy to obtain. Since its one of the more popular lizard pet available, the food they require could be bought from pet stores easily.The two types of Geckos that are popular for house pets are the Leopard Gecko and the Crested Gecko. They are almost similar in qualities and habits. The major difference would be their apperance.Leopard Geckos, as its name suggests, have irregular stripe patterns on its back that’s similar as a leopard’s. They don’t like attention. Actually, they hate attention and prefer to be left alone. This is the reason why they are advisable for beginners, all you have to do is feed them then leave them.Crested Geckos are similar to Leopard Geckos. The main differece, as mentioned, is their appearance. The head of the Crested Gecko looks fierce as compared to the previously mentioned species. But just as Leopard Geckos, this one is also more manageable in the sense that it doesn’t move much. It just stays in one place and prefers to be lefte alone. Just feed them and leave them be and it would be fine.If you really are into owning and caring for Lizard Pets, then it is advisable for you to research on these two species. They are the easiest kinds to own for beginers.

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