Fun Pet Games Online- Sami’s Pet Care


Fun Pet Games Online- Sami’s Pet Care

Article by Gen Wright

Sami’s Pet Care is a free online pet game that is developed by Girl Games Club. The game aims to promote awareness on the importance of looking after a pet. Sami’s Pet Care features dog and cat pets. Sami’s Pet Care relies on the mouse cursor to move the pets. It does not support keyboard input. The customer will keep bringing pet to you. Your mission is to look after the pet by giving them what they need. Some of the items in the game environment include bathtub, sofa, plat pen and food.When a customer brings a pet, you must take the pet and put it into the fence with your mouse. If there are a lot of pets in the play pen, it may get harder to manage. While the pet is inside the fence, balloon will appear above the pet’s head. You are to accommodate the pet based on the type of icon inside the balloon. For example, if the icon in the balloon shows shampoo, you must pick up the pet and bring her to the bathtub to give her a bath. After the pet has used the service, you must put it back into the play pen. Each item cannot be used by more than one pet. If there are multiple pets that want to use the item, you must let them take turn.

Throughout the game, the player will play as Sami. In this game, Sami has light brown hair while the customer has dark brown hair. If the dogs are fighting in the fence, you must use the hammer to separate them. When the time is over, you must send the pet back to the owner. The longer the time you take to accommodate the pet with the right service, the shorter your lifespan will be. If you didn’t fulfill the pet’s wishes within the allotted time, the game will be over. When the customer first brings the pet in, you don’t have to quickly take the pet from her. If you wait for a long time before taking the pet from her, it won’t result in a game over. However, once you take the pet from her and put into the playpen, you must pay full attention to the pet’s needs so that you won’t lost the game.

When the time is up, the large game over words will appear on the screen. To play the pet game again, you should click on the Restart button. If you want to go to the main menu, you should click on the main menu button. By clicking on the main menu button, you will be redirected to the first screen that you see when the game loads. Each time you click on something in the game, you can hear a sound effect. Every time the customer enters into the vet, you will hear a door bell sound.

The game has soothing background music. You can mute the sound by clicking on the purple sound icon on the top right corner of the game. The game can be paused by clicking on the purple pause button that is located next to the sound button. Once you click on the pause button, the screen will turn yellow with a large pause button in the middle. To continue the game, you should click on the large pause button in the middle of the screen. Overall, Sami’s pet care is a really fun and inexpensive way of spending some time playing free pet games online.

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