Friendly and Professional Pet Care from Park Issa


Friendly and Professional Pet Care from Park Issa

Article by Judy Blythe

If you have pets you will want to make sure their health needs are taken care of. It is important for you to find friendly and professional vets in Wrexham. You can find the best all-round pet care services from Park Issa.

Our modern and professional veterinary hospital in Oswestry and general practice in Johnstown can provide all the pet care services your cherished family pets need. Park Issa is one of the leading vets Shropshire services available.

Park Issa Pet Care

Your pets may have a number of health care needs in their lives. This can include vaccinations from when they are young through to emergency care in the event of accident or injury. At Park Issa we can offer a wide range of essential pet health services. This can include:

– General Health Check Ups

– Flea Control

– Vaccinations

– Pet Passports

– Micro chipping

– Emergency Surgery

– Routine Operations

– 24hr nursing care

– Ultrasonography

– Treatment for a wide range of large and small animals

– Specialist veterinary support for the farming community

– Alternative treatments such as acupuncture

– Full radiography services (x-rays) to assist diagnosis

Expert Veterinary Teams

You can be sure you are getting the very best vets Shropshire services with Park Issa. We can offer teams of fully trained veterinary surgeons and nurses. Our hospitals are fully inspected by independent organizations to ensure that the stringent measures set by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are met. This can ensure the highest standard of health care for your pets.

Additional Services

As well as providing professional pet care in Johnstown and surrounding areas we can also offer additional services. This can include:

– Pet Grooming – keep your pets looking and feeling great with our Happy Tails grooming services.

– Puppy and Kitten Clinics – make sure vulnerable young puppies and kittens are getting all the care they need at the Park Issa puppy clinic. Take advantage of all the experience of vets in Wrexham and ensure diet, house training and flea control is also sorted.

– Adolescent Check – this is an important general check-up for when your puppy or kitten reaches 8 months old. A good chance for you to make sure your pet is healthy and happy.

– Dental Clinics – our clinics in Johnstown can provide you with more information on dental care for pets.

– Diet and Nutrition Clinics – pet obesity is a growing problem. Our vets Shropshire services can provide diet and nutrition clinics to help you make sure your pets are getting the healthy balanced feeding plan they need.

– Senior Pet Clinic – older pets have special care requirements. Take care of pets 8 years and older with Park Issa senior pet clinics. More advice on joint problems, diet and exercise.

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Park Issa offers you the best in vets Shropshire services. Get all the pet care services you need in our Johnston and Oswestry centres. Our leading vets in Wrexham offer you with a one-stop service for all your pet medical and support needs.

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