Five Pet Care Practices You Can Employ to Make Your Pet Live Longer


Five Pet Care Practices You Can Employ to Make Your Pet Live Longer

Article by Donald Dubay

There are at least five pet care practices you can use to make your pet live longer. Granted, there is no guarantee that these practices will actually lengthen the life of your beloved pet. After all, pets, just like us humans, have been known to come face to face with untimely deaths, even when the best of care is accorded to them. That said, there is also no denying that there are some things you can do to prevent the premature death of your pet. The five practices we are just about to look at, then, are things which could substantially raise the probability of the pet living longer (than they’d have lived, if the practices were not undertaken). The five pet care practices in question would include:

Provision of a balanced diet to the pet. A pet which gets a good supply of the nutrients it needs is likely to live longer than a malnourished pet. This works at several levels. For one, a malnourished pet is likely to be very prone to various health issues, as malnourishment tends to compromise bodily immunity. And then again, a pet which doesn’t get enough food tends to be chronically stressed, and this would tend to have the effect of shortening its life. It is, furthermore, from the food given to the pet that it would get the nutrients necessary for repair of worn out cells. A pet which doesn’t get enough food may therefore not be in a position to replace its cells as they get worn out – thus hastening its death.

Provision of opportunities for physical exercise to the pet. A pet which is well fed but unexercised may, just like a human being in the same situation, become overweight (and develop the health problems which come with excess weight). That aside though, we come to realize that pets which don’t get enough opportunity to exercise tend to become stressed out, and that can shorten their lives. Worth noting about pet stress is the fact that unlike human stress (which is typically of psychological nature), animals can get physiologically stressed without any psychological manifestations.

Vaccination against common pet diseases. As far as pet diseases go, prevention is always better than cure. The way to prevent your pet from falling ill is by ensuring that he or she gets all the necessary vaccines. Every type of pet is prone to a certain range of illnesses, and on the basis of that knowledge, your vet can advise you on the necessary vaccines to give, in order to protect your pet.

Timely treatment of pet diseases whenever they are detected. It so often happens that in spite of the best vaccination regimes, the best diets and the best pet exercise programs, pets still get ill. As a pet owner, you need to be observing the animal carefully, and should you notice the signs of illness, you should make efforts to get them treated at the earliest opportunity. Illnesses left untreated can shorten a pet’s life substantially (and that includes those which start as ‘mild illnesses’).

Pet fencing. This can help you prevent the pet from straying onto busy roads, where it can be hit by vehicles – causing an untimely death, or severe injuries which shorten its life. Pet fencing can also help your pet from mixing with other ill-cared-for pets which may infect him or her with illnesses they may have. Pet fencing can also keep your pet from being stolen or straying into compounds of malicious people who may poison him or her. Ideally then, if you want your pet to live long, you should contain him or her within a certain (safe) area.

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