Ferret Pets: How to Lower the Cost of Having Ferret Pets!


Ferret pets are intelligent: Ferret pets are really intelligent animals and that’s the truth. They love to learn and thrive on new ideas and activities, eventually boiling down to a few favorites for the both of you. This is just a quick list of a few games and such, my ferret pets and me have grown to love.

Ferret pets love toys: Store toys vs. other house hold items. But ferret pets are very curious, and not everything in your home is safe for them to use as a plaything. Now most ferret pets aren’t very picky, and there is a wide variety of toys available for sale, Ferret Hammocks, and other bedding excluded, there are hanging tunnels, and other assorted, fairly simple toys you can purchase at you local ferret pets store. I mention how simple this is for a reason. Most of these things have reasonable solutions around your house, with many reusable items like, large detergent bottles, yarn or old towels. You can even use old t-shirts and pants.

Ferret PetsAll of these items need to be cleaned thoroughly, but with some items its best to avoid them all together for the safety reasons. medicine bottles, undergarments (under wire bras), Bleach bottles, glass items and thin plastic objects. Ferrets love to chew and explore items, so these items are just generally dangerous because you cant really clean out chemicals and sharp items appropriately. Other items to avoid while you play with your ferret are the cat fishing lines, and laser pointers, gleaming the pointer into the ferrets eyes, can be very damaging and can cause permanent blindness.

Tunnels are readily available at your local pet store, and superstores and they are a great toy. They are also easy to make, with old pants legs, yarn, and plastic rings cut out of middle of a 2-liter. Hammocks are also normally very available all over, and easily made out of a variety of things, old t-shirts, towels, and old bedding from your bed. For a new ferret I prefer an old shirt. You have to be very careful that you wash it removing any fragrance product you might use such as body oils scented soaps and perfumes. Ferrets are very sensitive, to smells and chemicals.

Noise makers, are not always readily available but are a big favorites. Usually several small cords are wound around wooden balls. These tend to look like wood footed octopus. These are easily made by taking several different sized caps and poking holes in them and securing them with yarn or a sturdier nylon cord.

Fishing and chase toys, I’m not a big fan of the feather chase toys for cats because the ferret will tend to chew them, and strip the feathers. Occasionally consuming them, and can get sick from the dye. I also don’t like the reel in lines, because they tangle themselves in them quickly and this sometimes panics children who are playing with them and unintentional harm comes to the ferret.

I do like a home made version again using yarn, and the rubber balls you can buy from the gumball machines. Poking a whole through the ball and leaving enough room to tie plastic bottle caps behind it to make a little noise when you toss it, works very well.

You should experiment with new ways to play with your ferret. My ferret attacked the inside of a brown paper bag once and I spent 2 days watching him. So there are all kinds of things you can do with them and this only scratches the surface, of an exciting journey with what started as your ferret pets, but developed into you becoming the ferret’s people

E. Anthony Gove

Ferret Pets: How to Lower the Cost of Having Ferret Pets!

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