Exotic Pets: Turtles


Exotic Pets: Turtles

Article by Case Bauer

Exotic Pets: Turtles

More and more people are exploring the wonderful world of owning an exotic pet. Exotic pets impress visitors and make for great conversation pieces. One such exotic pet is the mysterious turtle. These ancient reptiles offer many unique features as pets including long life-span, peaceful but curious behaviour, and a truly distinctive appearance! With a little knowledge and a good guide book, caring for a turtle is not difficult or time consuming. Turtles make great pets.

Exotic Pets: Turtles live Long!Turtles live for 20-50 years if properly cared for. Even among exotic pets, not many can boast that kind of lifespan! This means your turtle will grow and experience life with you and your family. Through good times and bad your turtle will be a constant, taking life slowly and peacefully. Many turtle owners find relaxation and inspiration from their hard-shelled family member.

Exotic Pets: Turtles need CareUnfortunately many pet turtles die long before their natural lifespan would have allowed. This is caused primarily from poor care by the owner. The worst part is that this poor care is not intentional, it results from poor knowledge of how to care for a pet turtle. As a multiple pet owner, I have learned the value of having a good guide book to reference when caring for a pet. There are not many good guide books on turtle care available, but there is one I can recommend, The Turtle Guide Book. Once you’ve bought a book to help you, you’ll realize that caring for turtles is not difficult or time consuming. It’s easy to learn how to raise and keep a healthy, spunky, turtle!

Exotic Pets: Turtles can be Great for KidsKids love turtles. They love the strange look and funny mannerisms of these puzzling creatures. Kids younger than 12 will need help to properly care for a turtle, but it’s a great way to teach responsibility and dependability. Turtles are more dependent than dogs or cats, but more interactive than fish. This makes a turtle a great choice for kids. They can learn to care for and love their turtle, and receive the rewards of their work when ‘Shelly’ is energetic and responsive.

Being exotic pets, turtles are not just a cheaper alternative to a dog or cat. Owning a pet turtle is a whole new experience that is different and delightful. Many others have gone on before you in this venture, and I urge you to learn from their experiences. Get a good guide book by an experienced turtle owner, and see how easy it is to add a healthy and intriguing turtle to your home.

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Keeping turtles is not difficult if owners know the basic requirements of turtle health and happiness.

As an experienced aquarium enthusiast, Kevin Bauer strongly recommends the Turtle Guide Book as the complete resource for choosing, housing, feeding, breeding, and training pet turtles.

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