Exotic Pet Stores – Is Having An Exotic Pet A Good Idea?


Exotic Pet Stores – Is Having An Exotic Pet A Good Idea?

Article by Floyd P. Dietz

Dogs and cats are the common types of pets you will find in homes throughout the country. However, some people prefer exotic pets such as hedgehogs, kinkajous, chinchillas, snakes and other varieties of pets. Some people define an exotic pet as a type of pet that is not a cat, dog or fish.

Some suggest that an exotic pet is any animal that is kept as a pet that is non-indigenous to the area where the owner of the pet lives. A lot of people define an exotic pet as an unusual animal which is kept by someone as a pet. If you desire an exotic pet, some exotic varieties can be purchased at exotic pet stores.

Restrictions for Exotics

If you have a desire to have an exotic pet, there are exotic pet stores throughout the country as well as on the internet. However, the pet you desire may be unavailable due to an organization known as CITES which moderates the buying and selling of exotic pets all over the world. Their goal is to ensure that exotic species of animals survive in the wilderness and also to prevent damage to the environment.

Some exotic animals will not be available at an exotic pet store due to the species being restricted for sale because of their conservation status and the chance that the species might become an invasive species. The USDA provides permits which allow the holders of the permits to keep the exotic animals as well as to breed them.

Domestication Process

If you are thinking of walking through an exotic pet store to find a unique pet that will add some joy to your life, it’s important to realize that the typical exotic species of animals has not gone through the domestication process for thousands of years which have occurred for dogs and cats. Even when you find them at an exotic pet store, most of them are still wild animals and they can be unpredictable and difficult are just about impossible to train and some can be dangerous.

Do your homework on the animal because some of these exotic pets are very difficult to take care of and require special diets as well as environments and creating a special environment for them can be expensive. Exotic pet stores can provide you with unusual animals for pets, but perform some research before you purchase an exotic animal.

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