Dog from Alaska Saves his Master


Dog from Alaska Saves his Master. It’s amazing what pets can bring to his owners every time he does trick’s and cares for the person who feeds him. The amount of joy and happiness are un-measurable. Pet dogs specifically are considered man’s best friend and they are known to be the most loyal and intelligent.A German Sheppard from Alaska is now being considered as a hero after rescuing his master from a burning house. Buddy is a 5 year old dog who is currently helping the Alaska State troopers by guiding them trek remote areas in North Anchorage. His owner Ben Heinrich lends his dog to a State trooper friend to serve as an inspiration to others.

It started one day when Ben was fixing a car in his garage when an accidental spark happened near the gasoline reserves of the truck that resulted to a fire. The fire spread fast to his body and in his panic run towards outside of the house, closing the door of the house thinking that it will stop the fire from spreading. It was a little too late, with the thick smoke accumulated in the house Ben had problems breading and lost consciousness eventually. Good thing that his dog best friend Buddy was around, the dog tried to pull him away from the burning house but since he was too heavy to dog run outside and went to their neighbor.

Dog from Alaska Saves his Master

Buddy barked to their neighbor in way that he wanted to follow him and brought them to where Heinrich was, after rescuing Ben to get out of the burning house the neighbors helped together to put out the fire.Up to this day Ben is very thankful to his pet dog, if not for Buddy he might died already because of suffocation or worst the fire itself. Buddy recently received an award for the heroism that he had showed. Heinrich decided to spread the good story by letting his dog come along during community projects.

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