Dog Facts To Help You Raise Your Best Friend


Dog Facts To Help You Raise Your Best Friend

Article by Elliot Dean

Pets play an important role in the lives of many people and there’s no more popular pet than a dog. Dogs are known as mans best friend and for good reason. We share a large part of our live with our animals, and they not only bring enjoyment into our lives but can also help to relieve stress.

If you’re looking to acquire a new puppy for yourself or your family, or even if you already have an existing dog, here are some important facts which will allow you to maximise the relationship with your animal.

A dog’s sense of smell is over 100,000 times more powerful than a person’s. This means you need to be careful with any food that’s laying around because if you’re dog is hungry he will find it! Also if you have non-edible items that may appear like a potential meal to your pet, keep it well hidden so his nose doesn’t help him find (and devour) it!

The most common foot problems in dogs arise simply because of long toenails. So make sure you regularly cut your dog’s toenails and keep them at a safe length to avoid issues that may come up. It may seem annoying doing it on a regular basis, but it could potentially save you, and the dog, a lot of heartache and problems down the track.

New born puppies don’t fully open their eyes until they are about 2 weeks old and their vision isn’t developed fully until after one month. So if you are the owner of a new puppy, make sure you are very gentle in the early days, and only have them around soft safe objects so they can’t bump into anything hard and injure themselves.

Dogs, regardless of their breed and age, have been known to attack livestock. So if you live on a farm, or are visting, keep a close eye on your pet and make sure he doesn’t try and harm any farm animals. If he has to go out into the paddock, keep him on a leash initially, so you can get a sense of whether he is going to be harmless and gentle towards the livestock.

As an instinct, dogs need the approval of the pack leader. So if you are the owner, you need to instill a chain of command in your household. Let your pet know whos boss. He will respect you and the relationship will be a lot stronger than if you let him do what he wants and think he’s in control.

Dogs have no sense of time. So if you are reading this article and your dog is waiting for you to spend some time with him, he’s not getting impatient. Whether you’re gone for a whole day or if you’re only gone for an hour, he will not know, but will simply be very excited to see you because he loves you and loves the attention. But don’t rush back from an important outing because you feel like he’s lonely, just make sure you don’t leave him too long without food!

There are many other dog facts but too many to talk about in one article. These ones should help you learn more about your dog and ensure your relationship is a strong and happy one.

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