Dog Care Advice – Fleas


Dog Care Advice – Fleas

Article by Ashley Peach

Dog care is one of the most important aspects of owning a dog. When you don’t properly care for your dog they can have health problems and some of these problems may in turn affect you. When you love your dog and wish for a long life you understand the needs of your dog. Having said that, there are some tips which can make dog care a little easier on you. With fleas you are usually only aware of an infestation when you start to feel the bits on your legs. There are preventative methods that will help your home stay clear of the pests and your dogs safe.

First let’s look at some of the ways your dog can pick up fleas. First and foremost moisture around puddles, unsanitary areas, and the woods can have fleas. It is important to keep your dog out of these regions. Don’t let your dog play in puddles that have formed around the sides of the street where there is typically a lot of trash. You also want to keep your dog out of the woods during the summer season. Humidity is one of the largest draws for fleas, therefore the summer months are more important for guarding against fleas in areas where their can be a lot of water and of course the words were insects typically thrive. Another place you will find fleas is in homes that are not cleaned. Fleas tend to be in unsanitary areas. This means that if you rarely dust your home, clean the sheets, and wash the dog’s bed you are leaving yourself open to a flea infestation depending on where you live or spend your time. Remember fleas can be carried into the home by the owner. So if you have a job where you are required to spend a lot of time at streams and other areas that attract fleas you may want to remove those clothes and wash them before letting them back in the rest of the home. The last place where you may find flea infestations are humane societies, and animal shelters. Typically animal shelters and human societies are a refuge for lost pets as well as abandoned pets. You may find that even with proper care at the facilities the dogs will come home to you with fleas.

Now that you know how fleas may latch onto your dog let’s look at some of the prevention methods you can take. First you will find that there are flea medications that should be used all year round, and most especially during the summer season. These medications are generally a liquid or collar that has flea insecticide. The medication should be administered on a monthly basis. You can find some medications that are taken orally, but these are not always as effective as the liquid. You also have the option of using a flea and tick shampoo. This shampoo offers a medication that latches onto the hair after a bath and will work for about thirty days. As some dog breeds are very sensitive to baths this is the least recommended option.

For other care of fleas you should also take care to brush the dog on a daily basis. If you have gone for a walk you will want to brush the dog before you enter the house. The brushing motion will dislodge any fleas that have attached themselves to the hair. Combined with flea medication you should be worry free from ticks and be keeping your dog in great health. If fleas do manage to get in the house you will need to release a bug bomb, clean all linens, and of course the dog’s bed. This will help the infestation from spreading and offer a clean home once again.

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