Comprehensive Quality Pet Care from Park Issa


Comprehensive Quality Pet Care from Park Issa

Article by Judy Blythe

Pets are part of the family and you will want to find top quality vets in Shropshire to care for their needs. Park Issa can offer a comprehensive pet care service for large and small animals. With skilled and experienced veterinarians and nursing staff you can be sure your pets will be in safe hands.

Branch Locations

As your pets age they will need different levels of care. This can range from routine vaccinations when they are young through to emergency treatment for accidents and illness. Park Issa can offer a veterinary branch practice in Johnstown and also a veterinary hospital in Oswestry. There is an ambulance service provided between the two locations and 24hr care is offered. These vets in Shropshire services can ensure all of your pet medical needs are taken care of in your local area.

Routine and Specialist Care

Park Issa is a top vets in Shropshire and can offer the latest equipment and treatment options for pet care. The fully serviced branch practice and hospital provide a wide range of services including:

– Routine Check Ups – routine check-ups help to ensure your pets are healthy and that they have had all the necessary vaccinations and treatments they needs. Check-ups are also are essential for preventative care. Many illnesses are picked up through routine examinations and this means they can be treated early.

– Breeding Care – if your pets are breeding then it is important to find vets in Wrexham that can offer specialist care. Park Issa can provide expert care during pregnancy and birth. This includes ultrasonography to help assess the health of the mother and babies throughout pregnancy.

– Pet Travel – travelling can be stressful for pets so it is important to make sure they are healthy and strong for any long journeys. Pet passports will also be required if you want to take your pets with you out of the country. Park Issa can provide your pets with all the check-ups and vaccinations they need for their pet passport.

– Emergency Care – it is important to know where to go if your pets have an emergency. They could be injured in an accident or suddenly become ill. Park Issa is one of the main vets in Shropshire to offer emergency services. This includes surgical procedures and 24hr care in the pet hospital.

– Microchipping – this is an effective way to ensure your pets can be identified at all times. You never know when you might be separated from your pets so it is important that they can be identified and returned to you quickly. Park Issa can offer painless microchipping services for your pets. This ensures that even if their collar tags get lost or removed they can still be identified.

– Alternative Therapy – there are a number of alternative treatments available that can help to support good health in pets. This is one of the few vets in Shropshire to offer alternative therapies such as acupunctures (for treating conditions such as arthritis).

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Park Issa is one of the main vets in Shropshire. Both routine and specialist care is offered for small and large pets in the Oswestry and Johnstown locations. If you want comprehensive vets in Wrexham services then contact Park Issa today.

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