Common misconceptions about having an iguana pet


Common misconceptions about having an iguana pet

Many people consider having an iguana pet, but first they need to overcome all the dangerous myths in order to succeed taking proper care of a green iguana! Here are the most common misconceptions about green iguanas, which you should know about. One of the common myths is that green iguanas can eat lettuce. This myth is not entirely false. Of course, since green iguanas are best kept on a vegetarian diet, you can feed it lettuce, but it would be better to avoid it since most types of salad lettuce have very little nutritional value. The best vegetables you can feed your iguana pet with are collards, turnip greens and mustard greens. Another myth says that iguanas will not outgrow their cages. Many people provide small iguana cages in order to keep them in a convenient size. You should not forget that a healthy iguana can reach up to six feet long. A small iguana cage will only make your pet feel very uncomfortable. Temperature is a very important aspect in a green iguana’s life, given the fact that they are cold blooded. This is the reason why many people add hot rocks to a green iguana enclosure. These hot rocks are indeed great, but not recommended, therefore you should use the special lighting which is available in almost all the pet shops. Regarding iguana food, there is a certain myth which says that iguanas can eat insects, pet food, and other animal products, there are however many sources today that still state that iguanas can given animal protein as part of their diet. The truth is that green iguanas are best suited to a vegetarian diet. On the other hand, consumption of animal proteins can cause your green iguana to develop gout and it can also lead to serious kidney problems. There are of course many other myths about raising green iguanas, some of them being very dangerous. This is why you have to make sure you are well informed before having an iguana pet.

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