Caring for turtles- 10 Really Quick Tips for Pet Turtles


Caring for turtles- 10 Really Quick Tips for Pet Turtles

Article by Mike

There is a lot of information about caring for turtles and that makes it hard to briefly explain the key points of owning a turtle. They are really similar to other pets in a lot of ways, but I think people have a steriotype of Turtles being an easy do nothing pet. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Turtles don’t have to be a chore, but if you own one it will have to be a part of your everyday life to keep him happy and healthy.

Here are the 10 Quick Tips You Should Know Before You Buy a Turtle:

1. Do not over feed turtles2. Feed no longer than 15 minutes3. Use a filter with 2-3 times the capacity of the water4. Clean feces from substrate and water daily (scoop from water)5. Don’t pick up turtles more than you must6. Always wash hands after handling7. Children should not “play” with the Turtle as they are often times too rough (and they might not wash hands)8. Make sure that your turtle can reach their basking area if it is above the water9. DO NOT hibernate turtles unless you have been taught how to do it by someone who already has10. Read up on breeding turtles before you attempt it

It’s a little all over the place, but that is owning a turtle in a nutshell. Of course caring for turtles is more involved than this, but these key points are what you would need to remember on a daily basis if you decided to buy a pet Turtle today.

Caring for turtles is not something a child should do. Turtles need daily monitoring to make sure that they are fed properly, healthy and in a clean environment. A child could certainly “help” take care of it, but ultimately the responsibility to make sure that everything is done correctly lies with the parents. Getting children Turtles for their birthday and leaving the Turtle in their care exclusively has ended in disastrous results (usually for the Turtle).

If you are deciding whether to buy a pet turtle or maybe you are a new Turtle owner keep these tips in mind.””>caring for turtles as pets can be very rewarding as long as you know what you are up against from the beginning.

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