Caring for Pet Turtles


Caring for Pet Turtles

Article by Edison Chase

Turtles are quickly becoming a common pet to keep. However, if you’ve never cared for one, there are a few things you need to know to ensure it stays healthy. This article will give you a few tips on caring for pet turtles.


It’s important that you don’t use regular tap water in your turtle tank. Tap water has chlorine and fluoride which will cause problems with your turtle’s pH balance. Instead, your turtle only needs to drink natural spring water. You can use de-chlorinated water for the swimming section of the enclosure.


The enclosure that you use for your pet turtle needs to be at least 40 gallons. You will need to setup two distinct areas inside the tank. There needs to be a water area and a land area.


Your turtle’s tank will need some type of substrate. There are different types that you can use. Newspaper is a convenient solution since it’s very cheap and easy to clean up. Make sure you don’t use a substrate that will cause problems if ingested like wood chips.


You will need to invest in a UV light when caring for pet turtles. If you don’t, your turtle won’t be able to generate its own vitamin D and may develop various health problems. Turtles bask in the sun which helps them make their own vitamin D.


Turtles need to be provided with a hiding spot. This way, they’ll have a safe place to go when they don’t feel safe. You can make a hiding box out of wood or simply use a shoe box.


It’s also important that you provide your pet turtle with heat. There should be a sun lamp and suitable location for your turtle to bask. The temperature inside the enclosure should be about 70 degrees at night and 80 during the day.


Many turtles carrying around bacteria in their mouths. This bacteria can cause problems with you if you’re not careful. Therefore, make sure you always wash your hands after you touch your turtle or anything in his enclosure.

These are a few tips on caring for pet turtles. Make sure you buy a tank that’s large enough to hold a land and water area. Also, never give your turtle tap water to drink because the fluoride and chlorine can upset his pH balance. There also need to be hiding areas so your pet can feel safe.

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