Caring for Dwarf Hamster Pets – My Hamster Keeps Biting the Hand that Feeds it. Help!


Caring for Dwarf Hamster Pets – My Hamster Keeps Biting the Hand that Feeds it. Help!

Article by Bernard Yao

If you have brought home a rambunctious hamster and you have discovered it keeps nipping at your fingers every time try to handle it then do not fear as it can be fixed. Then main reason the hamster will bite you is not because they are inherently aggressive pets, but since they do not sit very high in the animal food chain so there is a natural instinct to feel fear when they are handled by something much larger than them. The biting is the hamster’s reflex when they feel endangered. With some patience and time you will eventually win the trust of your furry little friend.

Before you start trying to handle the hamster you have to get the hamster used to being near you. Spend time near the cage without actually handling the hamster. The key is to get the hamster used to your presence, your scent, and the sound of your voice.Next step is to get the hamster used to your hand being in its cage. Stick your hand in and allow the hamster to explore your hand without trying to touch the hamster. Do this during the periods of the day when your hamster is most active. If you work at this slowly the hamster be familiar with your hand being the cage and not associate your hand as a threat.

The next step is to place hamster food in your palm and get the hamster to eat directly out of your hand. If you perform this continuously the hamster will build up the confidence to eat directly out of your hand. They will eventually stop seeing your hand as threatening and associate your hand as a provider of treats for the hamster to eat.Finally when the hamster is used to eating from your hand then you can gradually transition the hamster into your hand by scooping it out of the cage. When you hold onto your hamster you want to gently cup it in your palm and not squeeze it. It might get scared when you grab it. With gentle hands you can pet the hamster on top of the head which it will enjoy. Slowly this will build the relationship with your hamster and eventually you will have a hamster that is comfortable being handled by you.

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