Raising and Caring for Alaskan Huskies


Raising and Caring for Alaskan Huskies. The Alaskan husky is a breed of sled dogs that originated in the Northern regions in the world. In the lingo of dog breeders all over the world, the Alaskan husky is not really considered to be a breed but more of a category of dog within the husky family.

In Alaska, these dogs are the sporting celebrity of the winter sport world, being used for world class sled races that involve a single driver and a pack of Alaskan dogs. These jet propelled hounds can reach amazing speeds of up to 19 miles an hour, which is a staggering speed considering that they can do it for over 50 clicks in a single day at a sustained pace. While this is the history of the dog and the uses for it are far and wide, its popularity as a family pet has grown over the years.

Caring for Alaskan HuskiesThis is a sort of pattern that has been overtaking the world, as more and more homes are taking in what could be termed as unconventional breeds of dogs as household pets. I have to warn you, that caring and raising an Alaskan husky are not the same as raising a golden retriever.

Many dogs that have been traditionally placed in homes are because they have a temperament that is well suited for homes and apartments all over the developed world. The dogs that are placed within this category are normally those with lower metabolic rates, and pretty happy to laze around and not too energetic. Especially in city areas dominated by high rise buildings, a lot of the time owners choose their pets also by how well they can be controlled.

Pet breeders all over the world have been putting these huskies through the same sort of obedience training as other dogs and the results have been marked but nor extra ordinary.

The thing is, we have to look at the history and temperament of these dogs, which in actuality; they are bred for speed and strength.

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