Best Pets For People With Allergies


Best Pets For People With Allergies

If you’re one of those unlucky people who love animals yet are allergic to them, don’t fret, there are some pets you can keep without setting off an allergic reaction. A common misconception about pet allergies is that people are prone to an allergic reaction because of pet hair or fur, though fur and hair can harbor pollen, mold, dust and other allergens. What actually causes allergy is dander or skin flakes. Urine and saliva can also cause allergies in susceptible people. Fear not, there are some pets you can keep without setting off a chain of sneezing and itchy eyes. Apart from the obvious pet choice for allergic people: fish, here are some other pets you may consider:

Hedgehogs: Not a pet that typically comes to mind, but hedgehogs can make great pets. Not only are they inquisitive, curious creatures, they can be very affectionate too. The fact that they have quills and not much fur makes them an ideal pet if you have pet allergies. Hedgehogs occasionally shed a quill or two but these can cause no harm unless you happen to step barefoot on one!


Lizards: Not for the squeamish for obvious reasons, but lizards can grow on you. There are many different types of lizards to choose from and they do make interesting pets. Be warned though that the equipment needed to properly care for a lizard is very expensive. They also have specific food and heat needs that you need to research very carefully before buying one. Also bear in mind that some species such as iguanas can grow into 6 foot Godzillas so make sure space isn’t an issue.

Tortoises and Turtles: These endearing land creatures and their aquatic cousins make relatively low maintenance pets (unless you buy the more exotic species of turtles which require special equipment to thrive). Turtles and tortoises need exposure to ultraviolet light so make sure you can provide them with access to sunlight or UVA/UVB producing light bulbs. Some species can live over 50 years so it’s important to be absolutely sure you can make such a long-term commitment.

Snakes: Not for everyone, snakes are great hypoallergenic pets. Some can live to 20 years or more so again, make sure you can make that sort of long-term commitment. Most snakes need special equipment to regulate temperature and humidity so bear in mind they can be expensive pets to keep.

Whichever pet you decide to keep, make sure you can give it the time and attention it needs and ensure you do everything you can to properly take care of your pet. Keeping pets is a big responsibility and should never be taken lightly.

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