Before Getting a Pet Turtle Be Aware of These Important Care Considerations


Before Getting a Pet Turtle Be Aware of These Important Care Considerations

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Pet turtles are pretty unique. They come in a wide variety of species and they require different pet care conditions depending on their specificity. These nice and quiet animals need a certain environment to feel happy, and you have to arrange everything so that they don’t miss their wild habitat (although that is not easy at all). There are also health issues you should be aware of, as well as feeding rules you must be familiar with. Anybody who’d like to get pet turtles should read a lot about these animals and learn what’s necessary for good life support in an artificially created home.

When cleaning the aquarium or the box where you keep them, pet turtles have to be moved carefully and without causing them too much stress. The permanent and temporary homes have to be well secured because pet turtles try to get out and migrate somewhere else. Be extremely attentive with this aspect particularly if you need to transport pet turtles to another location. Water quality and temperature will also be important aspects of pet care. Even when you have semi aquatic pet turtles like red eared sliders, you have to provide good quality water to swim and drink.

The water temperature is the biggest challenge of pet care for turtles. Normally, the risk is that of overheating, because pet turtles tolerate cooler water better than warm water. When it’s too hot they will normally get sluggish. Once again for the transportation of pet turtles you need to take this aspect into serious consideration, depending on the weather and how cool or warm it is in the vehicle. Take cooling or heating measures whenever necessary.

Pet turtles are great if you don’t have too much time with animal care. They don’t require any bonding, in fact they are pretty monotonous creatures that become part of the home decorum. At least this is how lots of people come to see them. Some even suggest that turtles are not by far good pets because just as it happens with fish, birds and other reptiles, their function is sheerly decorative. And they fulfill this ‘aesthetic’ function at the expense of their freedom. Not the best deal.

In case you decide to get pet turtles, find out more about their diet, check with the pet store, learn whether you can feed them food from your meals and whether they need special treats occasionally. Moreover, you can find lots of valuable information on the Internet as well.

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