Bathing and Grooming – The Ultimate Pet Care Basics


Bathing and Grooming – The Ultimate Pet Care Basics

Like humans, eating a balanced diet and doing exercise is not enough to keep any pet truly healthy. As much as any owner wants to ensure that his/her pet is eating the right kind of food, it is also equally important to ensure proper hygiene and to do a little grooming on every pet. The best pet care regimen is one that ensures that not only is the pet healthy on the inside, but that they are also hale and hearty on the outside.

Bathing is perhaps the most important and yet the most difficult grooming task for most pet owners. It is natural for animals to hate taking baths but baths are prerequisites for clean and healthy looking pets. From time to time, baths are necessary especially for dogs and the occasional outdoor cats. An effective way to avoid the hassle of having to give baths to a pet is to start the practice early on in the pet’s life. This will help in abating negative reactions from the pet later on. An average dog, one that stays indoors more often, needs to be washed every month or two. The more active breeds of dog however need a bath as often as every other week. The generally more behaved cats don’t usually need to be bathed. The case changes however when a pet is plagued by skin problems such as fleas. Pets infected with fleas should be given as many baths as necessary until the problem is completely eliminated.

It is best to give cats and medium-sized dogs a bath using a basin. Large tubs have the tendency of scaring pets into running away. Placing a rubber mat or a towel at the bottom of the basin will help prevent slipping. Use warm water while bathing and choose a shampoo that is mild and non-toxic. When giving the pet a bath, be sure to avoid areas such as the eyes and ears. For very unruly cats and dogs, a technique which involves placing the animal in a pillowcase with the head out before pouring water and shampoo through the pillowcase might work. The pet however needs to be small or medium-sized. Dry shampoo, which can be sprinkled and brushed away, can also be used as an alternative solution.

It is also important to clean a pet’s ears carefully as part of a proper pet care routine as this is a very sensitive part and the presence of parasites such as ear mites can lead to problems such as inflammation and hearing loss. To remove dirty earwax, a pet owner can use slightly warmed olive oil. Put 10 drops into the animal’s ear before gently massaging the ear canal through the face area. The animal should then be able to shake out the dissolved wax and oil. Anything smaller than a human’s elbow, like cotton buds for example, should never be placed inside an animal’s ear.

Furthermore it is also very important for dog and cat owners to brush and comb their pet’s coat. Brushing is said to be relaxing to the pet. In addition to that, it helps give the coat a healthy shine and it can also act as a flea repellent.

These are just simple pet care practices that every pet owner can try on their pets. Their benefits however cannot be neglected. Like humans, pets also need holistic development. Every creature needs a little pampering from time to time.

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