Basic Care Advice For Furniture


Basic Care Advice For Furniture

Article by Adriana Noton

Everybody just loves the look and feel of new furniture. It can brighten up a home, add some spice and life to a dumpy office, and basically make your space feel all brand new again. But how do you maintain the new look and feel of it? By following some basic care advice for furniture.

Whether it is office furniture you are getting, or for the home, the bar, or the beach house, it can be a major investment. Like all investments, you will do well to protect it. Here are a few ways to do so, and to do so effectively.

First of all, when purchasing furniture, whether it is new or used, focus on quality. Buy the very best you can afford. It may be better to by a high quality used product and refinish it rather than buying a cheaper but brand new one. Quality lasts over time, and that is what caring about your things comes down to, lasting over time.

When the goods are placed in the new spot, by all means use one of the many protective products that are available for home furnishings. Wood should be kept cleaned, sealed, and polished, and some products can do all three at once. There are spray on compounds that will protect the fabrics, and cleaners especially designed for metals. Invest in good protective products at the same time you redecorate.

When arranging your new layout, always be aware of weather patterns. This is not applicable just for outdoors and patio furnishings. Items placed in direct sunlight may fade. Items in a musty basement may develop problems with moisture and rot. Metals can rust even inside the home or office. Take preventative measures to avoid these problems in the future.

If you are a pet owner, like so many are, be concerned about the damage that can be inflicted by them. Cats can claw up upholstery in minutes; dogs can chew holes in seat cushions the minute you go outside. Male pets like to spray their territory with urine, which is not only smelly, but is detrimental to fabrics. Even a goldfish bowl is a potential hazard in case of spills. Keep unruly pets clear of your valuables and they will last much longer for your trouble.

As everything else in your home, keep your furnishings clean and well maintained. Wash them with the proper solutions. Sometimes plain soap and water is the best cleaning product going. Be sure to vacuum under the sofa cushions. Clean spills up immediately to prevent the stains from setting. Teat you goods well, and they will treat you with durability and comfort, as well as looking their best for guests.

Our homes and offices and rooms to enjoy speak volumes about us as owners. By heeding some basic care advice for furniture you can keep your space looking its best at all times. This is an investment with an immediate return, in looks and comfort, so treat it as best as you possibly can.

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