Bank of America – Pet Rewards Visa Card Is A Boon For Pet Lovers


Bank of America – Pet Rewards Visa Card Is A Boon For Pet Lovers

Pets are more like family members to people who are too affectionate towards animals. Particularly, some of them love their pets as if they are their own children and take much care of them.

Imagine if you had a credit card, which could get you as well as your family pet excellent rewards. Well, the credit card from Bank of America – Pet Rewards Visa is the card for you and your pet. Using this credit card, you can earn rewards and points for your pet.

This Pet Rewards Visa Credit Card issued by FIA Card Services, N.A., is supposed to suit only those of you possessing very good credit and would love to earn points for pet-related expenses.

Benefits From Rewards Program

Now, you must be eager to know about the rewards that will benefit you and your pet, should you opt for the Bank of America – Pet Rewards Visa card. So, have a look at the highlights of the rewards program.

* To begin with, the Pet Rewards Visa Card, allows you two points for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases at pet food retailers, specialty stores, farm stores, feed stores, or even veterinarian clinics. You can also redeem points for pet-food discount certificates, veterinary services and shelter donations.


* You will be receiving 500 bonus points on your first qualifying purchase.

* The rewards program is designed specifically so that you can redeem your points comfortably. (The rewards begin at only 750 points and you can spend them at your own will and pace).

* There is an annual limit to the amount of points you can earn and the amount stands at 100000 points.

Basics Of The Card

Bank of America – Pet Rewards Visa credit card has well-structured elementary features the particulars of which you can find below:

* This card from Bank of America has an appealing and affordable annual fee.

* Your purchases, cash advance checks and balance transfers are possible at 0% introductory rate for the first six billing cycles.

* After the expiration of the introductory phase, the APR still remains relatively low and is applicable on your purchases as well as balance transfers.

Added Advantages

The Pet Rewards Visa Credit Card is popular for the numerous benefits it provides to its customers. You would love to reap the added benefits offered by the card, which include:

* The unique feature of the card is that it allows you to choose the favorite photo of your pet, which you would prefer to place on their card. Added to this, you also have a variety of designs to choose from.

* Bank of America has wide reach giving you cash access at more than 380000 ATMs.

* You can make your purchases confidently as you have the Total Security Protection Package including Zero Liability for unauthorized card use and fraud monitoring to protect you.

* The card also provides auto rental insurance for damage or collision.

* Whenever you are in an emergency, the card lends you

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