Avoid the vets and keep your animals happy with proper pet care


Avoid the vets and keep your animals happy with proper pet care

Article by Adam Walker

Your animals are very dear and close to your heart and it’s important to make sure they are looked after just as well as you would your own children. Pets bring us hours of endless joy, happiness and smiles and it makes sense to say that it affects us negatively when something goes wrong with them. There is nothing worse than having to take your dog to the vet clinic because of a tick or flea infestation that just won’t go away. Your cats can pick up a tapeworm from outside the home after going out on their usual outdoor explorations and it could end up causing malnutrition, vomiting and diarrhoea and your cat will not be very happy. You may not have thought about this, but dental care for your pets is just as important for them as it is for you. They rely on their teeth to eat and chew their food, and if they are under nourished or left in a poor condition then their teeth will deteriorate quickly and you will end up losing them sooner than you think.

Fortunately, all these things can be avoided by simply taking steps to prevent them in the first place. Veterinary hospitals will have everything you need to ensure that your pets are kept healthy. Sure you can probably buy a de-worming tablet from your local supermarket but it may not be the best quality medication that your pet needs. A clear example of this would be the tick a flea powder that you can buy there. The powder is cheap and easily accessible because you can buy it when you do your groceries, but it is not as effective in preventing or removing the flea problem. Fleas have a habit of laying eggs in your carpets and your furniture to ensure that they are able to hatch unabated and so the flea powder shouldn’t be restricted to the dog’s fur alone. You have to get your carpets and furniture cleaned as well. If you are uncertain of what you need to do, then you can contact your local vet and he/she can give you all the advice you need. Dental products for animals are not as readily available and so you would need to visit the vet once again to buy the products you need to help them maintain their teeth.

Vets offer a whole host of services to your pets other than catering for their health and it would really help you to look into to ensure the health and happiness of your pets.

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Adam Walker is a physical condition specialist. His areas of expertise are health concern and South Yarra vet clinic. He in addition provides information proper pet care on and fitness programs.

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