Are you a good pet care taker ?


Are you a good pet care taker ?

Article by Ravindra Dasarwar

When the pets become our family members it is our duty to give them proper care with all the latest nutritional feed and care. We need to assess the facts about our role for good pet care taker. For a good pet care taker we need to have a fixed daily walks schedule, that will no doubt will test our stamina but also routine because some pets need regular walks.We need to have good sense of feeding them, the food with nutritional value Dogs for instance need daily day care, as they care of for us the whole nightWhen we start keeping pets we need to groom them and give them behavior training since they are part of our family so we make sure our guests and friends visiting the home are treated with warmth and love.While their day care activities mean bathing, providing them saloon serviceOne key point is when they become little lazy, we should check for their health’s and provide them proper pet medication before their health goes beyond control. A proper administration of pet medication is required.To sum up we need well crafted time table for the daily activities

Below few points need to be seen in the mirror straightway:

Caretaker should be healthy if not then the duty is difficult.Caretaker should be passionate and have concern for the pet as family member.Is that Caretaker efficient in time a management skill which helps in consistent and effective efforts?Is that Caretaker fully equipped with knowledge of pet behavior and if not then few learning sessions can smoothen things or in other words the pet care taker should be certified.Is that Caretaker has insured the pet.In nutshell keeping pets is easy but to be Caretaker is difficult but passion makes it easy So happy petting!Our role will be visible with above points on scale. A genuine care must be given to these creatures and off course it’s the responsibility for their owners to do so. They are depending upon us for their worries.

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