Are Guinea Pigs really Pigs?


Are Guinea Pigs really Pigs?

Article by Amber Content

One of the most beloved of the uncommon household pets is the furry little guinea pig. These energetic little creatures have a great personality and interact well with humans. They are absolutely non-aggressive and can live up to seven years, making them great pets for children. Guinea pig care is fairly simple and requires very little time. A few simple tools and a few minutes a day will give your guinea pigs the care they need to live a long and happy life.

Guinea pigs come in a few different varieties. The long haired Peruvian variety will require more attention in terms of grooming than other short haired varieties. None of them differ in terms of other basic care factors and the type you choose will likely be a matter of taste and what is available.

Guinea pigs will not wake you up barking, but they are quite vocal creatures. Many owners believe the guinea pigs become more vocal as a sign of recognition when the owner enters the room. Often guinea pigs will softly coo throughout the night. After a while you may actually come to find their cooing relaxing.

Guinea pigs are very sociable animals and need to live with other guinea pigs or have frequent human interaction. Since they are so small and easy to care for, there is really no reason not to have two or three to keep each other company. They are also more fun to watch when they are in groups.

Guinea pigs don’t require much in terms of living space. A simple cage with a strong base should do the job. The bottom of the cage should be covered with wood shavings or at least shredded newspaper to help with sanitation. Avoid placing the cage in direct sunlight or areas that are too drafty. The cage should have plenty of ventilation and for that reason it’s not a good idea to use a glass cage.

The guinea pigs need a few items to use for play and exercise. Many guinea pig owners go all out in this area and construct elaborate scaffolding and mazes in the cages. Just make sure that the top of the cage is covered to prevent escape from an overly adventurous animal. A private sleeping area should also be added to one far corner of the cage. Many people find that a small clay flower pot fits this bill well.

Guinea pigs do well with a variety of fresh vegetable such as lettuce and carrots as well as seeds and grains. There are commercial guinea pig foods available that provide the proper nutrition. A mix of pellets and fresh food is the best option. Do not feed the guinea pig cereals and grains designed for humans that contain large amounts of sugar or preservatives. Guinea pigs also enjoy the occasional piece of fresh fruit such as melon, oranges or grapefruits. Don’t forget to provide your guinea pig with a shallow dish of fresh drinking water and to change it daily.

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