Advice for keeping your pet healthy


Advice for keeping your pet healthy

Article by Claire Dawson

People who love and care for their pets understand the pain and worry people go through if their pets get sick- it raises concerns about proper care, balanced nutrition and health. There are some good pet health indicators which a person can monitor to keep a check on good health. These indicators are easy to identify. In the case of dogs and cats look for:• Coat- shiny and full• Digestion- regular consistent motions• Muscle and bone- no evidence of weakness or guarding against painful movement• Activity- high level of activity• Teeth- no tartar formation or cavities

Taking your pet to a veterinary surgeon for a regular check up is a good idea, especially for aging animals. However, if you identify any change or irregular behaviour in your pet it is wise to get it checked over. People can worry about how to take good care of their pet, and a daily routine will help with this. Just like children, your pets need care and consideration. An example of a regular routine for dogs should include:• Toilet training (for young animals)• A long daily walk• Bathing to maintain a fresh coat and reduce strong odours• Regular brushing, dependant on the breed• PlayThese activities will also strengthen the bond with your animal and make it easier to examine should you have any health concerns.

An essential part of pet health is diet. Giving your animal the correct food and nutrients is fundamental to its well being. Consistency too is important, although occasional variation in meals can make food more appealing and enjoyable. Many shops offer a diverse range of pet foods to promote pet health- a couple to look out for is Hills pet food and Royal Canin as they provide for the balanced nutrition every dog needs.

It is also worth noting that many pet shops and pet supply centres stock medicines for pet prescriptions (and non-prescription pet medication). If your animal should ever be taken ill it is a comfort to know that pet meds are easily available. Online stores tend to have the largest and most varied ranges – but look out for reputable brands such as Frontline and Drontal. They also supply different foods, medicines, toys, collars, beds, bowls and grooming brushes. Everything can be ordered from the comfort of your own home, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

However, don’t rule out high street shops completely. Good pet shops are great places to share ideas and get advice, and if your pet needs a full makeover or just a bit of trimming here and there you can always take them to a pet parlour.

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