Adopting a Pet – Where to Find One?


Are you thinking about getting a pet? Dogs have been a companion to Man since the beginning of history. Dogs can fit your lifestyle with companionship, protection, loyalty,whatever live alone or married with children.

Many non-profit organizations such animal rescues have been gaining popularity and support from all sorts of pet lovers. Basically what rescues do is take in animals and adopt them out to loving homes. Local animal shelters can only provide minimal support for pets needing homes. As a result euthanasia is a unfortunate reality of overpopulated shelters.

All volunteer based rescues such as southern hope human society Atlanta even go as far as fostering, transporting and placing pets in selected homes. Organizations like this run solely on the support of their communities, operating on donations and fund-raising. Without extremely dedicated and loving volunteers, rescues such as Southern Hope human society Atlanta would never exist.

Most good rescue organizations place their pets in homes that will suit both the pet and his new family. Factors such as temperament, medical history and age are all taken into consideration when placing pets in their new homes. So too should the new home match the pet. Also committed to providing education to the public and to providing low-cost veterinary services such as preventative care and spaying or neutering.

Often rescue groups receive pets that require a great deal of care and rehabilitation before they can be released for adoption. Foster homes provide that safe transition before a pet can go to their forever home.

Besides the owner-pet matching advantage, the humane society also provides comparatively low cost spaying or neutering services and preventative veterinary care. All the shots necessary for a dog or cat will already be taken care of or arrangements will be made to get those handled when the pet is old enough. Some humane societies also provide after-adoption services such as continued pet care advise and obedience classes.Another advantage adopting from a humane society you will pay a mere fraction of the price that pet stores charge for “pure breed”.

By adopting a dog, you are making a difference to the life of that pitiful creature. You give that creature the opportunity to continue living in the environment where love and care reside.

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