Adopting A Pet Mouse


Adopting A Pet Mouse

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I love all types of animals and I have had several pets over my lifetime. One of my more unusual pets was my pet mouse

Nietzsche Von Ronnie. I nicknamed her Nitch. She was a tiny albino mouse. I made her a home in a typical plastic small pet


My parents were less than happy that I adopted a pet mouse. My mother said I could keep her as long as she did not have to

see or touch it. Nitch and I generally liked each other. I would let her crawl on my shoulder. She would sit under my hair.

Sometimes she would sniff at my ear and tickle me. There were countless times that my pet mouse joined us for dinner and no

one ever noticed her there on my shoulder.

In the evenings I would let Nitch run around on my bed. I would make tiny hills and dens for her. She seemed to really like

that. I began to expand on her home. I took cotton bedding and stretched it into a nest for her. She seemed to like to

relocate the cotton. That was when I realized that she liked to make her own bed.

I would put small pieces of fabric and such for Nitch to move around. I later installed a wheel for my little pet mouse. She

took to the wheel quickly and would run in it all night. I did some research and found that mice are nocturnal, even pet


I read about the proper materials to put into her living space. I also read that the life expectancy of a pet mouse like

Nitch was two years. This upset me because I had her for four months by this time. I decided to have my little pet mouse with

me as often as I could.

I would not take her outside unless the temperature was above seventy degrees, so she stayed in during the cold days. I would

take her out on the nice days for a few hours and let her run in a tiny play area that I made for her out fence supplies. I

made a canopy to go over it and make some shaded areas for her.

I often would bring out her wheel and put it in with a small cup of mouse food. Nitch was supposed to live around two years

but my pet mouse lived almost five years. With care and commitment you can really help your pet live a longer, happier life no matter how tiny the animal is.

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