A Loyal Best Friend for your Kids everywhere


A Loyal Best Friend for your Kids everywhere

Article by Atul

For many children, the family pet is their best friend–a companion who not only provides unconditional love, but one that also teaches them about friendship, responsibility, loyalty, and empathy. Apart from companionship, there are many benefits of children sharing their lives with a pet. Children learn responsibility and are able to understand the requirements of a living being- such as food, water and exercise. Fish are a great first pet because it is easy to give children and active role in feeding them. Pets offer children the chance to nurture and care for a baby animal and watch them grow. The physical activity in children results in social, mental and physical health benefits, to maximize these benefits it’s important to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior. Preliminary findings indicate that playing with pets is in the top ten physical activity choices for children and families; owning a dog may encourage children to exercise and help reduce childhood obesity. Babies enjoy the sensory aspects of animals. They see the pretty bird, hear the cat’s meow, and pet the soft dog. Toddlers can also learn the names and shapes of different animals, and the noises each one makes. Toddlers form emotional bonds with pets, and make friends. As children get a little older, they learn more from their pets. Caring for a pet can promote feelings of empathy. Developing positive feelings about pets can aid self-esteem and help children develop non-verbal communication and compassion. Children can participate in safe games with their pets and those who participate in exercising the family dog have the added benefit of extra physical activity. An interesting development in research in recent years has demonstrated the opposite may in fact be the case: the presence of cats and dogs in the home from an early age may actually acclimatize the developing immune system so that it is less sensitive to allergens in later life.Family pets adjust to children best when they are treated as part of the family. Dogs have been called man’s best friend, but even more importantly they are the best friend of children with disabilities. Kids who are either physically or mentally disabled will receive huge benefits from interacting with their canine friend. Having a dog companion will mentally stimulate a child with disabilities. Being taught with a dog by their side can give the child more confidence and motivation to try and learn new things. Emotionally a child will bond with their dog because their companion can become a lifelong friend.

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