A Giant Green Iguana Can Make A Good Pet


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A Giant Green Iguana Can Make A Good Pet. The exploding popularity of giant green iguanas in pet stores around North America may be closer to home than you think. You never know when your 12 year old son will be introduced to his friends lizard and soon fall in love, wanting one for himself. But this scenario is not as frightening as it might sound, because these giant green iguanas can make a good pet, so long as you take proper care and learn about it’s unique requirements.

When selecting an iguana to bring home as a pet you should always choose the healthiest of the bunch. A good way to do this is to observe them all for a while and choose the most active and alert. Be sure to look over the iguanas body for any scratches, injured or damaged limbs or other body parts. There should not be any lumps or bumps on the iguanas body, and it should appear somewhat ’round’ in the body and also its limbs.

Giant Green IguanaRemember when you buy the little critter that it is going to grow up really fast and the typical iguana will grow to up to 5 or 6 feet in length, and no, keeping it in a small enclosure will not stunt its growth and will only make the iguana stressed out and sick. You should plan for where you will keep this lizard when it starts to get bigger, because it doesn’t take long before it will outgrow its cute little tank that the pet store will try to sell you. Often, people will give their iguana an entire room of their house to live in, because they get so large that they require a quite large amount of space to keep them happy and healthy.

Giant green iguanas also have special lighting and heat requirements, but I’ll save that for another article. The main thing is to understand the space requirements for these creatures when you take them home from the store, and prepare for upgrading their living area regularly. Once you learn about all of the special requirements that a green iguana needs to grow healthy, they are quite easy pets to take care of. It’s really all about knowledge and getting to know the unique qualities that these incredible lizards possess.

Article by Mitch Tarala. Mitch Tarala is an iguana care expert who has taken care of a sick iguana and nursed it back to health. His iguana is now over 6 years old and happier and healthier than any iguana in the neighborhood.

Giant Green Iguana

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