A Dog’s Life: How To Cut Thousands From The Cost Of Your Pet Care


A Dog’s Life: How To Cut Thousands From The Cost Of Your Pet Care

Britain is undoubtedly a nation that is animal obsessed. If you think this is an overstatement, then let’s have a look at some of the facts and figures; nearly an estimated £100 million is spent on pets in the UK every week alone. That is a staggering amount! Not only this, but it is suggested that an average cat will cost a household £7,200 and the average dog just under £9,000 over their lifetimes. And when you consider that numerous homes have more than one pet, the total sum is costly.

Despite this, there is a minority of people who are abandoning their pets as veterinarian costs and the cost of keeping a pet rise every year. The RSPCA’s response was “in droves” when asked what rate pets were being abandoned over Christmas 2010, RSPCA personnel investigated 329 reports of abandoned pets between December 23rd and 27th. Keeping a pet does not have to be extortionately expensive, there are ways to slash the cost of keeping a beloved pet.

Pet insurance: Sadly, 300,000 dogs and cats are put down as vet fees and medical expenses too much for the owners to afford. Looking over a longer period, 1.6 million pets had to be put down between 2003 and 2008 because of vet’s costs; it goes without saying that pet insurance can help avert having to fork out for unexpected veterinary bills which you might not be able to meet.

Pet insurance is widely available and can cost as little as a couple of pounds every month. And, by insuring your pets are adequately protected, it could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in medical bills in the event that they fall ill or are involved in an accident. Just like getting a life insurance quote for yourself it’s always best to shop around for the best advice.

One cost of going away for an extended period that people tend to underestimate is kennel fees, per animal you most likely looking at £10 per night, so it easily adds up over time and can cost a few hundred pounds if you’re not careful.

Instead, why not consider a pet-sitting service? A pet-sitter will come to your home on a daily basis to look after your pets, feed them, walk dogs and change their litter. Pet sitters often charge per visit rather than per animal which can make them significantly cheaper than boarding kennels, especially if you have more than one pet.

Many people are guilty of spending a fortune on plastic or metal toys for their pets. However, it is just as easy to make your own pet toys at home. Old socks and old fleece clothing are perfect for making pet toys as they are often brightly coloured, easy to wash and don’t fray. In addition, everything from old toilet roll tubes or old kids toys – squeakers or soft toys – make great pet playthings. And, why not make them a pet bed from a cardboard box and an old blanket or fleece?

One of the easiest ways to save yourself a fortune in pet care is to make sure you do not over feed your pet. A 2008 survey by Sainsbury’s Finance found that 43 per cent of animals were a bit on the porky side, according to the vets who examined them. Almost half (47 per cent) of all dogs were too fat, with more than a quarter of them (26 per cent) considered obese. The survey also found that 19 per cent of cats were obese.

You’d be surprised at how many medical conditions are related to an animal being overweight. Sainsbury’s pet insurance manager Neal Devine highlights how “people often think they are being kind to their pet by giving it treats, but being overweight can influence and worsen many medical conditions in pets, such as osteoarthritis and respiratory disorders”. So to reduce your vet bills, reduce the amount of food you give your animal to the normal amount.

Cheap pet food can appear to be good value but often is not. Good pet food can actually be more cost effective than cheap pet food as your pet eats less of it, and is less likely to fall ill as a result of poor nutrition. You will often find that dry pet food offers a more balanced diet and that it also goes a lot further than wet food.

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