A Dog’s Best Friend – Pet food Delivery from your Milkman!


A Dog’s Best Friend – Pet food Delivery from your Milkman!

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Not so long ago the rise of late night shopping at supermarkets was beginning to worry the humble milkmen (and women) of the land. Along with late night opening and delivery services, the flexibility of supermarket shopping was pushing our trusty old milkmen higher up the list of endangered species. The sight of the milk float trundling through the silent early morning streets seemed destined to become a thing of the past. However, like all the great evolutionary survivors, the milkmen and women of the UK have adapted to meet the challenges they faced.

The original in home delivery services, milk floats are beginning to expand the services they offer. You can now order a vast range of daily essentials, with many services offering a very late deadline for ordering. While supermarkets offer reasonably flexible delivery slots, you will often find that if you haven’t booked by five pm, you won’t be able to get a next day delivery. Many of us are supposed to be at work until five and not all of our bosses appreciate us taking time out to do a little shopping.

In these days of multi-multi-tasking, many of us are juggling more and more roles. What with the pressures of housekeeping and working for a living at the same time, as well as caring for children or relatives, is it any wonder that from time to time we run out of a bottle of milk or box of cereal! Finding the time to complete the ‘big shop’ is becoming increasingly hard, never mind fitting in all the little ones in between. The online and delivery services offered by the supermarkets really can help, however it’s the small day to day essentials that we run out of occasionally that can still pose a problem. Some evenings you realise that you’re out of bread or eggs for the morning, the cereal box is empty and the pet food supply has once again magically disappeared. This is where the delivery services of your local dairy can come in surprisingly useful.

Understanding the need to diversify in order to survive means that many companies will now offer an ‘essentials’ service and their booking deadlines are much later than the supermarkets. In addition there is rarely a delivery charge, which is great when all you need is a loaf and a timely pet food delivery! Of course you can get up earlier and pop down the shops, adding yet more hours to your day, but with free delivery why bother!

With more and more companies offering these services, and the variety of goods available growing all the time, more people are seeing the advantage of returning to their local milkman for not only their daily dose of dairy but life’s other small essentials as well.

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With late online grocery shopping ordering deadlines and early next day delivery, diary companies are expanding the range of products your local milk float can provide. From bread or kitchen foil, to fruit or pet food delivery, with a growing range of services the milkman is speeding ahead into the 21st century!

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