5 Suggestions for Pets for a Kid


5 Suggestions for Pets for a Kid

Article by Bernard Yao

If you wish to teach your child a sense of responsibility without being in-your-face, perhaps getting them a pet would to the trick. This is something that can certainly hone their perspective on life at such a young age, teaching them how to love, care and nurture for something truly fragile. Your child will learn how to look after an animal which they would start to consider as an unofficial member of the household. To take care of an animal can certainly help them become responsible adults as they grow up. However, as parents, you will need to keep an eye out for how they look after these. Below are 5 suggestions for animals which you can get for your child.

1. Goldfish – This is a type of fish which doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. You only have to teach your child to feed it regularly as well as clean out the fish tank on his or her own. Another nice fact about goldfish is that they’re pretty affordable when it comes to maintenance as well.

2. Hamsters – These are lovably furry critters which make for brilliant choices as animals that your child will look after. Of course, if your child develops quite the attachment to them, it’s pretty saddening to know that they don’t have long life spans. They are also rather inexpensive and make for fluffy pals for your kids.

3. Rats/Mice – These rodents often get a bad rep among a lot of people, but they’re actually good choices for animals to take care of. They are clever, intelligent and show a whole lot of affection towards their owners.

4. Rabbits – Fluffy and highly adorable, these animals would certainly appeal to your child a whole lot. They’re rather popular picks among many families these days, and are known to be good substitutes for cats.

5. Dogs – this is perhaps the most common choice for pets among kids. Looking after them requires a whole lot of effort and patience, but it would all be worth it. They are loyal companions which are highly intelligent and are the ideal animals for kids who want to engage in a bit of playtime too. They are also often recognized as unofficial members of the family, and you can simply take them for walks or go out for some exercises with them. When you think about it, dogs could very well be your best friends on four legs.

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