100 West Chestnut, Your Choice of Apartment in Chicago Illinois


100 West Chestnut, Your Choice of Apartment in Chicago Illinois

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Are you planning to live in or move to Chicago, Illinois but worried about where to look for the best apartments? Well, fret no more and search no more too because there’s only one perfect spot for you—100 West Chestnut Apartments, an apartment community situated in the heart of the said city in Illinois.

The complexes under this name are actually located near other apartment communities; however, if you want surefire comfort and high-rate features during your stay in Chicago, 100 West Chestnut should be your number one choice. After all, it also won the Paragon Award for “Best Highrise” in the United States by the National Apartment Association. Having this kind of citation, you might really be interested in this apartment now. But, if you’re still in doubt and would like to know more about this premier apartment, please read on:

1. Just like the other apartments under Marquette Management, 100 West Chestnut apartments offer you the kind of upgraded or high-end lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. Every unit that they provide not just promises to give basic shelter but as well as the quality of life that you deserve or the lifestyle that you’ll enjoy.

2. Among the other apartments in the city, the said high-end apartment community is singled out by many for the platinum service that they offer. Your convenience is much guaranteed by the 24-hour attendants that they employ. So whatever you need during the day or night, you will surely be helped with utmost service.

3. Unlike the other high-class apartments for rent in Chicago, Illinois, 100 West Chestnut Apartments allow pets. For all pet lovers, this is really such good news. And the even better news is that the apartment offers “While Away” pet care so you are assured that your pets are in good hands when you go on vacations.

4. This apartment community has also got all the amenities that you need. Their amazing facilities include a top-notch spa, a private indoor swimming pool, a fitness center with a magnificent view of the city, a roof top sun deck where you can enjoy the Chicago skyline view and a resident lounge which is perfect for relaxation.

5. Other perks that you’ll enjoy include complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi access and on-site dry cleaners. Car and other vehicle owners are also assured of the safety and protection of their rides because the community offers covered parking.

6. Aside from these amenities made available, the very unit that you can own will also give you the best experience of a lifetime. It got drive-in closets, spotless kitchens and artist nook windows. The space also provides variations in styles and furniture design.

Now, you really need not worry about living in Chicago because 100 West Chestnut will surely make your stay worthwhile.

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Come and visit 100 West Chestnut and be excited to have your own unit. You’ll sure find those beautiful apartments for rent in chicago illinois.

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